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Here at The Body Bar, we believe in handmade with love, natural and unique gourmet cosmetics.  Formulated from scratch, our products are designed to offer you the best of the natural world.  Why settle for ordinary when we can have extraordinary?

The Body Bar is all about healthy, vibrant and pampered skin and we know that using natural ingredients will optimise the quality of your skin.  We use natural ingredients with abundance and know that with us, the word “natural” has an honest meaning.
Beyond being just effective natural products, our ranges are seriously good looking from the inside out.  Our passion is to create unique gourmet products that inspire all our senses.

We believe that beauty lies deeper than just the shell (Packaging), excuse the pun.  This is why we place our genius creative thoughts on delivering remarkable product using as little packaging as possible and when using packaging, keeping it rustic and simple.  To reinforce our belief that packaging is a serious environmental setback, we offer you the possibility to be part of the solution.  On the return of any undamaged container, you get a 10% discount on your next packaged purchase of the same size.

We also believe in informed people making informed choices and this is why we mean what we say.  We are a brand of natural gourmet body care with the skin’s best interest at heart.  We know that natural ingredients are the best available to fulfil this purpose.  We make the best products, deserve our profit and know that you, our customer is why The Body Bar works.  We want to make sure you are happy, satisfied and that your skin can vouch for that.  

Here at The Body Bar, we believe in teaching a man how to fish rather than give him food.  That way, we know he can live sustainably for the rest of his life.  This is why we have designed a series of workshops to teach you the art of making your own tailor-made, gourmet natural cosmetics.  Visit our “Workshop” page to learn more about the workshops.

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