Monday, 19 September 2011

Sensual Melting Moments

Who doesn't love a massage?  I just love them.  It is so relaxing and pampering.  Whether it be a back, shoulder and neck massage, a foot massage or a full body massage, I love it all.  
To enhance this experience, The Body Bar presents a range of "Melting Moments Massage Candles."  A candle made using Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax and some lavish vegetable oils.  So delicious!!!
They come in 4 enticing fragrances:

1. The Body Bar's Favourite- Apricot Biscotti: 
An irresistible touch of delicious, tangy, ripe Apricot and creamy Buttermilk immersed in sweet and decadent vanilla pod.

2. Mandarine & Yuzu: 
This fragrance opens with a refreshing burst of sweet mandarin and exotic yuzu, intermingled with touches of unripened grapefruit, lemon and orange peel. All this is enhanced by a light floral blend of lily, rose, orange flower and gardenia, while in the background, notes of woody amber, sandal and blackberry leaf emerge.

3. Ginger & Lime: 
A refreshing blend of dynamic and punchy Lime harmonised by a slither of comforting warm Ginger.

4. Soft Petal Kisses:
This hypnotic scent has a sweet and dynamic "Bergamot" top note.  Then, this develops into a fresher middle note of "Neroli", citrussy and sweet yet rounded and "Jasmine" like.  Finally, the base note is deep and rich "Vanilla" with a hint of musky and spicy "Sandalwood".

All packaged in a cute little tin that has a little window on the lid.

How it works?
Light the candle for about 20 minutes, blow it out and pour the melted oils on your body (it won't burn) and start you sensual massage.  Leave the oils on your body overnight for the ultimate skin pamper.  It will soften, nourish and moisturise your skin deeply.  So delicious!!!

ox Sarah xo

Thursday, 8 September 2011

@ MOOI-Restore Revive Recycle

"Once upon a time..." This is the homely feel I get when I walk into this beautiful, quirky, vintage lifestyle shop.  Full of gems from all over, Mooi brings to us unique, handpicked treasures.  Supporting South African designers and products, Fiona & Lauren tastefully bring together the best.  Every corner of the shop tell a story and seduce the senses; triggering cherished memories of times when things where handmade with love, care and patience.  Well let me tell you, these times are back in full force.  This time around including the "re" culture.  Restore, Revive, Recycle.  Why not care for our environment whilst we at it?  
You will see the most amazing handpicked jewelry, clothes and home decor items in cute, unique displays.  There is something there for everyone and the good news is:  The Body Bar range of gourmet body care is now AVAILABLE at MOOI (100 Bulwer Road, Glenwood, Durban).  Check out mooi-mooiboutique blog for more information.  
Here is The Body Bar's Display:

See you there 
ox Sarah xo

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Pop Art

There are some timeless colour combinations that are so harmonious and well balanced.  Black and White is one of them.  I just love the sophisticated look... 
I wanted to make a unisex soap last week.  Most of my range is designed for women but I like to have a couple of soaps that are unisex.  It is surprising how many men secretly care about their skin.  They deserve beautiful soap to.  This one is scented with "Mandarine & Yuzu."  Two wonderful citrus scents to lighten up, freshen up and add some punch to the morning routine.  Perfect to translate into this glorious Spring.  

As a soap maker, there is one thing that I absolutely love.  It is cutting each and every bar the day after I made the soap.  As you can see, each bar of soap ends up looking different even though they come from the same soap log.  There is something magical about seeing each and every bar revealed as a piece of art.  The beauty in these soaps is that as you use them, they keep on changing and revealing new patterns.  How awesome is that?

ox Sarah xo

Dolce Vita

This has to be one of my favourite soaps.  I've been wanting to top one of my soaps with curls for ages and just didn't have the right tool to make them.  
I just LOOOOOOOOOVE the way the curls finish off the look and give the most exciting texture to the soap.
This soap is scented with a sweet and decadent "Chocolate and Vanilla."  To add a hint of luxury, I introduced a drop of "Orange" to it. Who doesn't like Orange Chocolate?  It is clean, flavoursome and more-ish!!! Mmmmmmmmm... 

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the ultimate decadent one for you.  So delicious.  It looks delicious and smells delicious.  It lathers so well and moisturises, making your skin delicious!!!  Who said you can't have it all again?

ox Sarah xo

Monday, 5 September 2011

Let's put our Paws together

I think it is about time I introduce you to the LITTLE love in my life.  My loyal “dog being”.  I know this blog focuses on my natural gourmet cosmetics journey but it seems absolutely absurd that she hasn’t featured here yet since she is the little one that keeps me growing.

Last year, after 5 looooooooooooong years of waiting, I got “Missy.”  A black and tan Miniature Dachshund.  I just wanted a little dog to share loads of love with.  One that would cuddle on my lap and be cute.  Little did I know that this little puppy was so brilliant.  It is my first dog and I didn’t even know how to teach her to sit.  So curious and excited, “Google” became my best friend on the journey to train my little snoopy the manners I deemed necessary.  It started as a fun in the sun process and I spent hours in the garden taking pictures, running, chasing and training.  I understood the principle of reward (It works!!!) and armed with food, I began to teach my little black dog some obedience. 

8 weeks down the line, Missy sits, lies down, high fives and gives the paw.  Faced with so much potential, I look to take it further and I am introduced to the “Canine Academy:” A dog training school in my area.  So, off I go and I register at the academy.  Training at home had got us up on the right foot/paw, but something was missing.  She needed to be socialized and make friends.  I can’t believe the complexity of “dog culture.”  I thought I was taking my dog to training.  Turned out, I was the one who needed to learn… 

The Academy is so much fun.  With various breeds of dogs, socializing there is a full and wholesome experience for the pups but also for the owners.  I have learned so much about other breeds and their personalities.  From German shepherds to Jack Russells and everything in between, the training is rich and diverse.  Lots of children accompany their parents as well, making the training interesting and versatile.  They teach children how to approach dogs safely; encourage interactions between dogs and children and show how to do it all safely.  They make a point of teaching all the “rules” that make great dog owners and pack leaders.  With a team of exceptional trainers, each session is unique, fun and successful.  Some make small steps whilst others make big ones and at the end of the session everyone is a step closer to success.  What I love about the “Canine Academy” is that it is driven with passion and that everyone is part of one big family.    

Week after week, progress after progress, I am ecstatic to see that Missy and I make a fantastic pair…  6 months in Puppy Obedience training and my “Child” earns her very first ribbon for being the most improved dog of the year in the puppy section (Mommy’s so proud!!!)  She then moves into the next level and let me tell you, she absolutely adores going there.  I can’t believe how much she understands.  She knows when it is Saturday and when we are going to school. 

The meaning of “dog” has been redefined in my life.  Missy is not just the cuddly, cute little dog I got her for in the first place.  There is a “dog culture" that is different to ours and bridging the gap between our languages harmonises our relationship.  It’s like men and women, we speak the same language but we somehow manage to communicate differently.  It is all about bridging the gap.  If you have a little “devil” at home perhaps you just don’t speak the same language, and if you can’t communicate, how can you enrich your relationship?  Some say, the breed is the problem, some say, the owner is the problem.  I think that it all boils down to a communication issue and we as human beings are equipped with the ability to understand and act in accordance in order to create the result we want.  It is therefore our responsibility to bridge the gap if we decide to own a dog.  And why not have fun whilst we’re at it?  I say, come and join us at the Canine Academy every Saturday from 1:30pm-2:30pm at the Pinetown Junior Primary School.  For more information about the “Canine Academy,” visit the website. 

Here are some pictures:

Where all the dogs and handlers socialize and get to know each other.  This is also the time that trainers use to identify any dysfunctional behaviour related to socializing and address it with the owners.  The precious one on one time with the experts to learn how you can best lead your pack in a healthy and wholesome way. 

Dogs and Owners Socialising
Lesson time:
This is a very important part of the session as the experts give a short lesson on the topics of the day.  Dog owners have the opportunity to learn and ask questions.  I cherish this part of the process as I learnt some important lessons there.

Full attention on the action
One of the important lesson this week was focussed on  showing dog
owners a clean and responsible way to clean up after their dogs.
This is crucial if you want to be a responsible dog owner.

Training time:
Dogs socially satisfied and owners confident, it is now time to put it all into practice.  This is the time where things happen.  Again here, one on one attention is given and with positive attitude, we see the most amazing things happen.  It is the time where you learn as much as your dog does.  You learn to communicate effectively with your pet.

Trainer Anne training about the walk
A little more advanced:
This is about deepening in obedience and learning some more…

Some heeling work with our dogs.  
Deepening our "Stay" 
Last but not least, here is Missy "The Little Black Dog:"

Sitting for mommy
Lying Down
This is our "Focus" moment
Giving the Paw
A little BOW...
Learning to wait for the command to eat her treat.
Finally, when all is done HIGH FIVE!!!

All I can say is: 
"How wonderful life is while you're in the world"
Your Song-Elton John

ox Sarah xo

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Spring-Clean !!!

As spring shows up on our doorstep, it is time to lighten up and strip off the winter layers.  It is my favourite time of the year.  I can feel the warmth in the wind and the sun on my skin.  Mmmmmmmmmmmm!  Packing all the cumbersome winter layers away, making space for the light and fresh.  In celebration of this delectable time of the year, I decided to reinvent my fresh and uplifting “cucumber and aloe” soap.  Fresh new layers for a fresh new season!!!

Where the scent of fresh, clean and juicy Cucumber meets gentle, soothing Aloe

What more can I say.  As I watch the sun shine and feel my bare feet on the ground, I wake up with a little tickle in my heart.      '

Have a Fresh Sunday
ox Sarah xo

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Lip Service

This week, I set myself a little challenge.  I’ve been wanting to make my own lip balm for some time now and I just haven’t made the time for it.  So I decided, no more procrastination and more pro-activeness.  In order to manifest the best lip balm, I needed to sit down and think about what I wanted it to feel like and also what I didn’t want it to feel like. 

1. It want it to be natural.
2. I didn’t want a thick, hard lip balm that takes ages to melt and apply.  That said, it mustn’t melt too fast either.
3. Then, I wanted a balm, not a gloss or anything in between.  A gloss somehow comes off too fast and isn’t  pampering enough.
4. It also needs to last long on the lips (no point in a lip balm that has to be applied every half an hour.)
5. Last but not least, the lip balm must not leave white patches on the lips as you apply it over and over again throughout the day (Of course you never see the white ghosty lips until you walk past the mirror and think “Who the f*** is that?”  It’s me!!!!!!!!!)
6. Oh! And I also wanted it to taste nice

In any case, I formulated a recipe with various oils, butters and waxes. 
Recipe number 1.  First test results: too oily and glossy. 

Back to the drawing board.
Recipe number 2.  Test results, my lips had white patches, CRISIS!!!

I do like failed tests as I then know what not to do.  If I get it rightish first time, I don’t learn and I am bound to making the mistake later anyway… 

Back to the drawing board.
Recipe number 3.  Test results, BINGO!!!  It is easy to apply, isn’t glossy, lasts hours on the lips and just to double check, I applied it every half hour for the past 5 hours and I have not a single white speckle.  YAY!!!

Now, the overachiever in me kicks in.  I now have the lip balm, but what’s the purpose of it if I don’t have a lip scrub, seriously? 
I must say, the first time I saw a lip scrub, I thought “why on earth would one need to scrub lips?”  I am very curious by nature, so off I went and checked for myself before eradicating lip scrubs from my vocabulary and BAM!!!  It is the best thing since sliced bread…  Oh my!!! My lips never felt like that before, so worth it!!!  I was hooked, so now I had to make one of them to match my dream lip balm…  Off I went, listed all the important things I wanted my scrub to be (this time I focused on all I wanted, not what I didn’t want as I seemed to manifest all the NOTs in the lip balm tests.)  Positive and excited recipe 1 was a major success. 

Then, I needed to find packaging…  I am NOT a fan of lip balm tubs.  In fact, I hate them…  It starts off a love story and as the tub gets emptier and emptier, lip balm finds its way under my nails and the once smooth and beautiful lip balm is full of uneven nail marks and my fingers are dirty.  It is clearly not for me.  I opted for a bottom twist tube.  I also chose the same tube for the lip scrub as it is neat, easy to use and carry around. 

Now that I have taken care of my sexy pout, my lips are soft, smooth and moisturized.  In fact picture perfect without photoshop!!! 

Here they are:

Oh and of course I named my little sticks the “Kiss me quick” lip care range.  The name somehow fits the picture perfectly.
Have a wonderful week end

ox Sarah xo