Friday, 19 August 2011

Inside Story!!!

Good Morning,
I want to share with you some new Cupcakes I made this week...  I've been wanting to add some more colour and shape to these body delicacies...  I am not a chef on the best of days so this whole piping bag, nozzles and decorations thing is new to me (You should have seen me the first time trying to get the first cupcake topping in place, hilarious!!!)  
In any case, I now balance the bag, pressure and movement to a T and of course, when that happens, it is time to deepen and experiment.  With the star nozzle, it is easy to manage as it will always look good-ish but I wanted the round nozzle, which leaves little room for error.  It is smooth and shows all the bits and pieces.  So , I bought a round nozzle (took me ages to choose, I wasn't too sure which size was adequate for the cupcakes.)  I also bought cute little flowers and shimmering balls to match the concepts I had in mind.
Of course, then the nozzle has to match the story of the cupcake, a star nozzle works wonders with florals (in my mind, that is) and the round nozzle matches sweet, decadent fragrances...  I just can't conceive in my head a delicate Neroli fragrance using the round nozzle...  To cut a long story short, I decided to do Neroli Cupcakes with a star nozzle, glitter, cute little orange flowers and a couple of shimmering balls and Apricot Biscotti Cupcakes with a round nozzle, glitter and shimmering balls.  The round nozzle turned out soooooooooooo gorgeous, I kept some without the balls.  Here they are:

 I really wonder if everyone meets the same dilemmas in the design process.  
I just love to look at a well conceived and executed idea.  It makes so much more sense when all the elements match.

These Cupcakes are a little jump into the coming spring (I can't wait for the warmth to come back.)  Lovely scents and looks to lighten up the mood and delicious shea butter and cocoa butter to pamper the skin (which will soon show itself-summer is a couple of months away.)  

Have a wonderful week end
ox Sarah xo

Friday, 12 August 2011

Apricot Biscotti & Desert Symphony!!!

Good Morning,
I have some exciting News today.  I've been developing a range of Home Fragrances over the last month following the amazing response on the "Apricot Biscotti" fragrance burner I added to my stand in the last couple of month. 
At markets, I am inevitably next to food stands and the smell of hotdogs and boerewors can be overpowering.  To keep my stand from the smell, I burn one of my fragrances in a fragrance oil burner and everyone wants it!!!  So, here it is...

This is the honey coloured fragrance burner.  They come in Mahogany, Honey and Ivory. 

 There are 2 fragrances so far: 
Apricot Biscotti 
An irresistible touch of delicious, tangy, ripe Apricot and creamy Buttermilk immersed in sweet and decadent vanilla pod.

Desert Symphony
An alluring blend of exotic date, luscious black grape and sweet tangerine enveloped by the stunning grace of dark Nubian Woods.  All this is intensified by a mouthwatering blend of Vanilla pod and radiant Musk.

The fragrances will be available in 2 weeks.  
To celebrate the launch, The Body Bar will be hosting a lucky draw and giving away 2 home fragrance sets including: the fragrance of our winner’s choice, a fragrance oil burner, tea light candles and salt to use in your burner. 
The second set will go to the person who introduced the winner to The Body Bar. 
Each set is valued @ R150

How does it work?

To enter the draw, all you have to do is click on the link to our Facebook Page: and click “Like
This will automatically enter you in our Lucky Draw.

Terms and Conditions:
The Body Bar team cannot participate.
The competition is valid in South Africa only.
Only those who “like” us on Facebook will qualify for the draw (including the existing members.)
The Lucky draw will randomly pick a winner on Friday the 19th of August 2011.

So, click the link and Like us!!!
See you on Facebook
ox Sarah xo

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Alluring Symphony

Tah-Dah!!!  I am so excited to share this soap with you.  One, that I did last week and fell in love with the moment I even thought about it.  Using a whole new technique, I imagined this soap and designed it and all went out the window when I actually did it because of my last minute ability to second guess myself.  All for the better, I must say.  Things happen for a reason and this time, I chose to go with the flow.  I am overjoyed with the results.  This is definitely one technique I will explore further and immerse myself in its endless possibilities.  It was one of the soaps I had the most fun making.  So beautiful!!! Every time I walked past it, I had to look again and again.  Oh! and smell again and again..
Scented with The Body Bar's magical and memorable "Dates and Exotic Woods."  It is just the perfect scent.  A little of everything I love.  
"This fragrance opens with an alluring blend of exotic date, luscious black grape and sweet tangerine enveloped by the stunning grace of dark, Nubian woods. All this is intensified by a mouthwatering blend of vanilla pod and radiant musk."  
This is how the fragrance catalogue describes it.  Isn't that just so romantic?
It truly is a magical fragrance and I wanted to interpret it with perfection. 
A burst of colour here and there and here it is:

I am out of words for this one, just in LOOOOOOOOOVE...

ox Sarah xo

Captivating Neroli!!!

Since spring is peeping through the clouds, I want to prepare for this special occasion...  Lightning up the scents and bringing in a burst of colour.  There is a scent that I LOOOOOOOOVE and it is Neroli.  So delicate, yet so captivating.  A lovely combination of citrus and floral, which layers so well.  
I am not a huge fan of florals or citrus but I have to recognise that Neroli falls in a box of its own.  I really battle with herbal types of smell and most floral lean on the herbal end of my nose chart, which generally leave me flat and unappreciative but not Neroli.  
In any case, I am in a layered mood at the moment and layering a Neroli soap felt like the thing to do and for some obscure reason, Neroli works with orange in my mind, so Orange it is:

The smell is just Wow.  I had a customer the other day that bought a slice of Neroli soap.  Two hours later, she came back and bought the rest of the Neroli Soaps I had available at the time.  She was so excited that the scent had stayed on her hand for this entire time, that she had to have them all.
I must say, I am now a fan of Neroli and I haven't had the opportunity to shower with one of the Neroli soaps I have made, they just walk off the table.

I just love the Orange of this soap as it encapsulates the scent of Neroli exactly as I see it.

See you soon for more lovely soaps
(I made a soap last week, using a new technique for the first time.  One I will definitely do again)
So make sure to check by tomorrow
ox Sarah xo

Monday, 8 August 2011


Something special for the "Lemongrass" Lovers.  I always try to keep a lemongrass range in my soap collections because it truly is one of the favourites.  The moment I add it to my table at markets, it goes.
I must say, even I, who love very sweet blends, love lemongrass.

Useless to say (but I will anyway), I had to redesign this soap.  I just got some new colours and I've always wanted to add some green to the lemongrass soaps as it fits perfectly with the look, smell and obviously honors the colour of this beautiful and delicate plant.

Lemongrass in itself, has a layered combination of scents that blend into each other to deliver a fresh, citrussy and wholesome blend.  Therefore, I wanted this soap layered and patterned to mirror the smell of the essential oil.  Using the green colour, cocoa powder, Rhassoul Clay and titanium dioxide, the colours are soooooooo smooth and clean.  Here it is: 

 With lots of Olive Oil, this soap is moisturising and nourishing for the skin.  Also with Coconut and Palm Oil, it delivers abundant lather and cleans deeply. The scent is enhanced in hot water and will disperse in your bathroom to keep it smelling fresh and clean.  It is also the perfect unisex soap...

This has to be one of my favourites.  This is the start of my spring collection and just the thought of warmth coming back is getting my creative juices flowing...  My latest batches are a tad more colourful, playful and festive.  So, make sure to come back tomorrow for more gorgeous gourmet soaps.
ox Sarah xo

Cinnamon and Orange Swirl

Good Morning,
Another week has gone by and I feel like I last posted yesterday...  
I made some seriously artistic batches of delicious soap last week, I couldn't wait to blog.  The first soap I made was a cinnamon and orange soap.  This blend of citrus and sweet spice is a favourite and deserves to be.  So simple and straight forward, yet soooooooooooo delicious and enticing.  
Using a technique I used before, I decided to experiment with perspective and use the technique differently (I have this thing about doing the same thing again-I just cannot do it!!!)  I have to change something along the line and with soap, one small change, delivers a very different outcome which makes the process so exciting.  Imagining all my soaps looking the same is tedious, boring and unnecessary since it is possible to be creative and unpredictable...  I even surprise myself which is what growth is all about...
This soap is just gorgeous.  Not only a pretty face, it will also moisturise and nourish your skin wth its high Olive Oil content.  Here it is:  

I just love how rounded the look is.  A perfect representation of this classic blend.  The Orange gives it punch and brings it to life whilst the cinnamon sweetens it and spices it up!!!  So delicious!!!!!

I'll be posting the other soaps in the next couple of days, so make sure to pop by and have a look.
Have a wonderful Monday
ox Sarah xo