Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Underwater World

I don't know what it is but I wish I was on the beach baking in the sun... I actually know what it is!!!  I haven't seen the sun in 4 days, it is pouring with rain and it is beyond cold and wet by now.  I have 2 blankets on, my mini daxie cuddling on my lap, 4 layers of clothes and a beanie.  A hot cup of coffee and I am still freezing... 
I dedicate this soap to the sun coming back (sooner rather than later)...  It is a fresh, clean and punchy underwater world soap.  I obtained a couple of new colours last week and I wanted to use them to uplift the look of my ocean mist soap, give it a bit of funk and colour.  Here it is:

This is the top of the soap just after pouring it in the mold
This is the soap in the mold
The first three freshly cut bars

I am so chuffed with the new colours.  Nice, bright and reliable.  I mean, they remained the same from the start and there is no colour bleed.  I can now include blue and green in my designs, which exponentially expands my horizons!!!

ox Sarah xo

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Coco goes nuts!!!

I am soooooooo excited about this "Warm Coconut" soap.  I made it last week as I LOOOOOOOOVE the fragrance and my last batch was sold out before I could use one and enjoy this warm and enticing scent in my own shower...  
It is a limited edition fragrance I purchased last year and I know that it will run out one day with no hope of finding it again, so I cherish every drop and make the best I can with it...  It feels kind of like having silver cutlery and crystal glasses one will use only for fancy diner parties.  
In any case, this fragrance causes me to design my soap carefully (no mistakes allowed with such a unique, limited and precious liquid).  I love the layered look for this fragrance as it is such a blast of layered scents.  Warm and fruity at first, then sweet and spicy and finally fresh and clean.  Tropical and enticing, it covers it all and this is why everyone has loved it so far.  Those that don't like sweet fragrances have loved it and those that don't like fresh fragrances to.  Floral lovers as well have loved it...  Anyway, it is just AMAZING...  
I layered it using Rhassoul Clay and Cocoa Powder and of course sprinkled some sparklies on top (it is special, remember!!!)  
Here it is:

This is the soap in the mold, when I just made it (We can even see the glitter in the picture, Yay!!)
A close up of the freshly made soap
A freshly cut bar of soap
Two freshly cut bars of soap
Ok, this is the soap from the top down!!
And this ... is the soap from the bottom-up!!!
The bottom layer is made with Rhassoul Clay
The dark layer is made with Cocoa Powder
The white layer is plain and the top has both a little Rhassoul Clay and Cocoa Powder
 I just love the look and scent of this delish bar of precious soap.  I cannot wait for it to be ready and this time round, I will keep one for me, myself and I...
ox Sarah xo

Monday, 25 July 2011

Nougat Mosaic

There is something incredibly satisfying about soap making.  Some days, I experiment with complex techniques and other days, simplicity rocks my boat.  I love, when I look at my curing soaps, to see a variety of looks and feels.  If all of them are complex and colourful, it actually looks disgraceful.  I like to keep a balance between the look and feel of the overall range I have at any given time. Having made primarily complex soaps for the last couple of months, I craved simplicity.  Not only in look, but in the soap making itself.  In doing that, I created a complex blend of fragrances for the soap in order to match its story.  
It is no secret by now that Nougat is one of my favourite things on earth after chocolate, of course, which is why I created the Nougat Mosaic...  See, all my nougat bars before, looked like nougat but the smell didn't really.  My challenge here, was to blend a couple of fragrances I have to match the smell of delicious honey and nuts.  It had to be sweet and nutty with a fruity note, so I blended our decadent caramel with vanilla and hazelnut to create the sweet and nutty aspect of the smell and I added some orange essential oil to the sweet and tangy apricot and buttermilk for the fruity note.  It is simply divine !!!

This is a Nougat Bar I made for a customer last week.  It is scented with Orange essential oil.  
 I love the way they are festive and fun whilst remaining simple and harmonious...  

Have a sensational Monday
See you soon
ox Sarah xo

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Mineral Spa Soaps!!!

Good Morning,
How awesome is it that I am blogging two days in a row??? Nice one!!!  Anyway, today is about Mineral Spa Soaps.  Being a soapmaker, I have made all sorts of soaps but mineral spa soaps remain one of my personal favourites.  I think that my fascination with them lies in the reality that they are more than just a soap.  Let me explain!  Mineral Spa Soaps are made with sea salts which are high in minerals.  
I lived on an island for 19 years and my skin always had benefits I didn't even know about until I moved further from the sea. Sea salt, being high in minerals, naturally nourishes the skin, leaving a sense of well being and comfort.  High in minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium and iodine, among others, salts offer therapeutic properties that are essential for the health of the skin.  Adding sea salts to soap is a way of transferring these properties onto the skin as the skin absorbs what it comes in contact with.  
Sea salt tones, cleanses and detoxes by drawing toxins out of the skin, leaving it feeling rejuvenated, healthy and clean.  This is why mineral spa soaps are more than just soaps, they deliver cleanliness but also nourish and detox the skin.  
I made 3 batches of these gorgeous soaps on Monday.  The first one is scented with our fruity and enticing "Cranberry" in which I added some glitter (which of course you cannot see in the pictures).  
The next one is scented with our fresh and dynamic "Lemongrass" essential oil.  I also added some green clay to this soap as it enhances the detoxing effect of the soap.  Clay, when wet, naturally draws toxins from the pores, leaving the skin soft, clean and detoxed.
Finally, the third soap is scented with our punchy and citrussy "Mandarine & Yuzu."  Also with red and yellow clay for an enhanced detox.  Here they are:

Top: Lemongrass & Green Clay
Bottom left: Cranberry & Glitter
Bottom right: Mandarine & Yuzu with Red & Yellow Clay 

Delicious fruity "Cranberry & Glitter Mineral Spa Soap"
Fresh and dynamic "Lemongrass & Green Clay Mineral Spa Soap"
A little rough and rustic, these soaps are super long lasting and deliver an exciting fluffy lather whilst obviously toning, cleansing and detoxing the skin.

Thank you for visiting today
Have an amazing day
ox Sarah xo

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

More Deliciousness!!!

Good Morning,
Gosh, it's been soooooooooo long.  Keeping up with the blog is becoming a luxury and I miss it soooooo much. So much is happening so fast, I don't even have time to take pictures and spill my heart out.  
In any case, I am not giving up and here is my latest batch of delicious fizzy cupcakes.  
I designed a new formula using Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter in the cream.  Deeply moisturising and nourishing for the skin, these cupcakes will cleanse, detox and feed the skin to keep it soft, smooth and healthy.  Scented with our precious Apricot and Buttermilk with a hint of tangy Cranberry, these are decadently yummy.  I also enhanced the packaging to facilitate their travel ability.  Little polka dot space ships for the gourmet cupcakes and they are ready to fly !!!

I have to say, these little bombs are phenomenal.  I use them in my bath and I use them as foot soaks and they work wonders.  The base of the cupcake is cleansing and detoxing as well as packed full of antioxidants and a delicious scent that will enchant your senses whilst the topping is deeply moisturising and nourishing.  All in all, this preciously cute cupcake delivers an intensely delicious bath without all the excess calories...   
Moisturised, nourished and soft, my skin is embrassing this vicious winter with ease and comfort.  I cannot ask for more...

Thank you for visiting today
See you soon with more delicious goodies
ox Sarah xo 

Monday, 4 July 2011

What A Show..

Good Morning Everyone,
Today is "Thank you" Day.  No pretty pictures, and stories about products, just thank you!!!  
As you know, I've been at the House and Garden show for the past 10 days.  It was my very first show and I was soooooooooooo excited to be part of it.  Preparing months in advance and carefully planning "The Body Bar" Launch with blinkers the size of an elephant stuck on the sides my head.  
10 days later, my elephants are in the park and I can see...  Woooooooooooooow, what an experience.  I met such amazing artists there.  I was going to say people, but they are not just people in my eyes now, they're friends.  
The Glasshoppers with a phenomenal passion for glass were my fabulous neighbours at the show.  Do yourself a favour and visit their website.  Jen and Wally are so creative and form the perfect team.  Full of life and humour, they made the 10 days unpredictable, fun and friendly.  Thank you Jen and Wally for this funtabulous week.
Sam from What's Cutting was our neighbour to.  With her incredible laser cut birds, words and trees, she does it all with grace.  It amazed me to meet all these crafters, all passionate about their art.  Sam is fun, dynamic and full of life.  Check her facebook page to see the treasures she makes.
Next to us was also Shireen from Mendhi 4 U.  The most amazing mendhi art I've seen before.  As a family, they support each other and are loads of fun and laughter.  Check their blog to see the beautiful detailed work they do with mendhi.  
Gosh, there were sooooooooo many more fantastic treasures at the show, I cannot describe them all.  All I know, is that I feel blessed to have met them all and shared this wonderful 10 days with them.  Each individual has something unique and special to share which made the experience diverse, exciting and homely. Each personality added humongous value and formed part of the richness there is to find in Durban.  So thank you all for enriching my experience of the show and I hope to see you all soon.  
As for The Body Bar, I am at a loss for words.  A glorious launch, an amazing response, endless compliments and a deep sense of gratitude and satisfaction.  I am filled with inspiration, creativity and passion.  
Thank you all again for this enriching and delightful experience.
ox Sarah xo