Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Community Project Gift Range

 Good Morning Everyone,
Here are some more pictures of the community project's corporate gift range.  The first two pictures show the Soap Sandwich put together by Antoinette.  I made the soaps for these and Antoinette designed the sandwiches using the soap.  The next two pictures show some "Soap on a Stick" Kebabs also put together by Antoinette.  The next two pictures are the "Cocktail Fizzy Bombs" in their shot glasses with a cocktail umbrella and a little fluffy ball.  The Green one is a Marguerita-lemon and Vanilla Bomb, the Orange one is a Pina Colada-Pineapple and Coconut bomb and the pink one is a Strawberry Daiquiri-Strawberry and Vanilla Bomb.  This range is for women and we decided to match it with some "Shooter Bombs" for men, which leads us to the next two pictures.  We have a Springbok Shooter Bomb scented with Peppermint and Vanilla, a Aftershock Shooter Bomb scented with Cinnamon and a Coffee Liquor Shooter Bomb, originally known as the Blow Job but for our range, we stick to Coffee Liquor scented with Coffee and Vanilla.  Finally, the last two pictures:  A scrumptious Apple Cake, Yum!!!
All these fantastic soaps are handmade and natural.  
Of course, I am not the one selling these precious goodies as it is an exclusive range for the project, so for any inquiries, Antoinette is the lady in charge.  Here are her details:

Cell: +27 72 879 2325
Landline: +27 31 262 7014
Fax: +27 86 514 1588
Email: naturesant@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting today
The Body Bar has some gorgeous new soaps for the House and Garden Show to present tomorrow, so make sure to come back tomorrow
Have a fantastic day
ox Sarah xo

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Gorgeous Classic

Good Morning,
As I said yesterday, today's post is about a rich, creamy and decadent classic.  For the corporate gift range, there are various different concepts and the first one is the "Chocolate Truffles" Range (see yesterday's post).  The next concept is also mouth watering and gorgeous.  It is a "Black Forest" cake.  
The exciting thing with this one is that each cake is layered and made individually as opposed to being sliced.  It is scented with our rich and decadent "Sticky Caramel, Dark Chocolate and Creamy Vanilla" fragrances, which is absolutely irresistible.  Designed obviously to look like a "Black Forest" cake, it is layered and iced with soap and decorated on the top with a cherry and some white chocolate soap goodies for this mouth watering look.  Here it is:
Irresistible Black Forest Cake Soap, Yum!!! 
This soap forms part of the community project's corporate gift range.  As for the "Chocolate Truffles," this range is not for sale at The Body Bar as it is exclusive to the project.  For any inquiries, Antoinette is the lady in charge.  Should you want more information, here are her details:

Cell: +27 72 879 2325
Landline: +27 31 262 7014
Fax: +27 86 514 1588
Email: naturesant@gmail.com

Have a wonder full Sunday and Happy Mother's day for those of you who are celebrating it today.
ox Sarah xo

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Some Decadent Truffles

Good Morning,
As I said in my previous post, last week has been seriously full.  One of the projects that has risen from this fullness is a corporate gifting range.  One of my customers is engaging a very exciting and noble journey.  That is to start and oversee a "community project" in Durban.  Here in South Africa, community projects are used as a way to break the cycle of poverty in disadvantaged communities.  There are various ways in which community projects are established and each of them carry different concepts but all focus on the same goal: to enhance the quality of life in these areas by giving the previously disadvantaged people tools that will assist them in building a brighter future for themselves and most importantly their children.  The history of what has lead us here is complex and heartbreaking but the point is that there are people out there taking action and offering these previously disadvantaged people an opportunity to break the cycle and leave the next generation with direction, purpose and growth.  
The corporate gifting range will be incorporated in a community project.  This specific project is designed to create jobs for the previously disadvantaged people by teaching and training them to acquire various skills and soap making is one of them.  By training them, they first of all learn a new skill.  That skill then secures them a job.  An obviously a job opens doors and opportunities for them.  I will be the one who trains them in making Cold Process Soap.  Once they are trained, they will then make the corporate gifts range from start to finish.  
Before I can train them though, I've had to create samples.  These samples have to be approved to be part of the final range.  The one corporate gift concept is a "chocolate and orange" truffle soap.  Little hand rolled chocolate soap balls, dipped in gold coated sugar and placed in a dainty gold cup.  Here they are:

 They come in packs of 3 or 6.  Of course, I am not the one selling these precious goodies as it is an exclusive range for the project, so for any inquiries, Antoinette is the lady in charge.  Here are her details:

Cell: +27 72 879 2325
Landline: +27 31 262 7014
Fax: +27 86 514 1588
Email: naturesant@gmail.com

Thank you so much for visiting The Body Bar today
Make sure to come back tomorrow as I will be presenting the next corporate gift range.  A rich, creamy and decadent classic...

ox Sarah xo

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Cocktail Galore!!!

Good Afternoon!!
I am so excited to share this wonderful gift basket with you.  A little sunshine in this overwhelming winter weather is all we need!!!  So, The Body Bar presents its "Cocktail Bar" Gift basket.  With a Pina Colada Body Cream and Soap, a Strawberry Daiquiri Body Scrub and Soap and 3 yummy Fizzy Bath Butter Bombs served in shot glasses (Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada and Marguerita).  All made using the very best ingredients to nourish, pamper and moisturise your skin this winter.  Here it is: 

The Bath Butter Bombs can also be used as foot soaks to pamper your feet in a hot water bath. They will clean, detox and pamper your footsies, making sure to keep the nasty smells away.  All these gorgeous goodies are available at The Body Bar on order and cost only R225 so don't hesitate and call Sarah on 076 545 7970 to order your Cocktail bar Gift Basket today.
Have a wonder full day
ox Sarah xo

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Mother-to-be Gift Basket

Hi Everyone,
First, I would like to apologise for the lack of posts this past week.  I've been so busy with things that are not so interesting for the blog.  I first designed The Body Bar's uniforms for The House and Garden Show as I want to fit in the theme as much as the products.  Then I took a thousand pictures of each product to compile "The Body Bar's" first catalogue and actually designed the catalogue as well.  It is now done and ready to print.  Finally, amongst all this, I made a couple of gorgeous Gift Baskets.  

One of them is for "Pregnant Women"  designed to keep their skin healthy and prevent stretch marks during and after pregnancy.  The range is packed full of essential nutrients and antioxidants to nourish the skin and keep it flexible.  Made with Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter, Wheatgerm Oil and Vitamin E, this range will nourish, moisturise and hydrate the skin, making it flexible and supple to keep the stretch marks away.  Scented with soft and feminine Chamomile with a touch of rich and creamy Vanilla, this range is the perfect pamper pack for our "Pregnant ladies."  Here it is:

The Body Bar's "Mother-to-be" soft and feminine pamper pack:, scented with Chamomile and Vanilla.
This glorious handmade basket includes a gourmet body soap, a fizzy bath butter bomb, a delicious body scrub, a rich body cream, nourishing bath salts and a bath lily.

Price: R 285 
With Marigold Petals, this range is glamorous, luxurious and natural.

I will be posting another gorgeous basket tomorrow, so stay in touch
ox Sarah xo

Thursday, 19 May 2011


Good Afternoon Everyone,
Today was a particularly fruitful day.  I went to purchase some containers and as a woman, I obviously came home with far more than just my containers.  I leave with the focussed idea that I will go straight to the container section, pick them, pay and go.  Well, I failed because the container section is the furtherest to the entrance and each aisle is filled with the most attractive little goodies that I need to see, just in case there is something new (I went there 2 days ago, but you never know.)  Little did I know that I was about to stumble over the solution to my packaging crisis.  If you know me, I have changed my logo, labels and packaging look about 15 times in the last 3 years and each time I thought "This is it," now it actually is (I feel.)  My logo still inspires me (and it's been 4 months.)  My glass packaging is fulfilling my need for visual satisfaction and my environmental approach but my labels don't seem to want fit into it all.  I want a handmade look because it is handmade (Shiny Stickers feel commercial and don't work on my perfectly plump gorgeous containers.)  So I know they have to be tags, not labels.  Anyway to cut a long thought crisis short, I came across these gorgeous wooden little pegs today and it all made sense!!!  I'd seen them before but it never clicked-I can peg them on. 

So I came home and solved my long time problem and it works so well.

Now let me tell you how this is the best option.  First, the pegs fit my handmade theme and add a rustic feel to my containers.  Second, I save time packaging as sticking labels (which I did before) is time consuming.  Then, I couldn't change my formulas as the labels were already printed and stuck on the containers.  Now I can replace the label as and when I need to.  Also,  stuck labels are difficult to remove and tear which is a hassle to clean.  With this method, the container remains pristine.  Finally, the label can be kept as a business card without being damaged or thrown out...
How glorious is this???
Thinking out of the box and miraculously stumbling over a perfect solution is what I call a fulfilling and inspiring experience which rippled into a fantastically creative day.

Hope yours was as awesome as mine

ox Sarah xo 

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Fizzy Bath Bombs Range

Hi Everyone, 
Yesterday was one of these days where excitement met inspiration.  I was designing my range of bath bombs and I wanted to create some new looks to match all the body scrubs.  I love matching sets of products as the scent is reinforced and when I love one thing, I LOOOOOOVE it and I want more of it (this happens with Pisces in general, lol :)  I also discovered a new trick with these Fizzies.  Since Durban is very humid and Bath Bombs Fizz in humidity, it has been challenging to make them and keep them fresh until yesterday...  For some unknown reason, I decided to try doing them with some Coconut Oil, and "Wow" it foams 10 times more and it somehow doesn't absorb the humidity like other oils.  Result, I have Bath Bombs that are perfect (even after being outside for an entire day).  
In any case here are the glorious freshly made Fizzies:

 As you may have seen, I've been playing around with my camera as I seriously needed some skills to present decent pictures that best express the essence of each product.  My camera had hidden secrets it chose to hide from me for a while and with the help of my partner (a photography expert), I am learning the camera language!!!  Hopefully you can see that...

ox Sarah xo

Monday, 16 May 2011

Beach House Decor

Hi Everyone,
About 2 weeks ago, a lovely lady by the name of Jacolette ordered some Gourmet Soaps from The Body Bar.  3 Gorgeous Logs for her "Beach House Decor" shop in Pennington.  I thought I would share some pictures of her shop with you as well as the pictures of the soaps that will be available there in a short while.

As you can see, "Beach House Decor" is warm and welcoming,filled with gorgeous vintage items, dainty little gifts and goodies.  Make sure to stop by when you are around.

Have a delightful day
ox Sarah xo

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Apricot Delicious

Good Afternoon,
I have to share this seriously glorious batch of soap with you.  A week ago, I ordered a fragrance from JHB.  One of those that the name appeals but I couldn't smell it before hand.  "Apricot and Buttermilk".  Actually, my mom is the one who selected it.  Anyway, it arrived on Monday and when my orders arrive, the first thing I do is stick my nose in the fragrance bottles to discover and enjoy the delightful fragrances.  Gosh, I couldn't find the words for this one.  The very best surprise so far.  It has the sweet, tangy, juicy and fruityness of a perfectly ripe apricot which is enhanced by the deep, rich and creamy buttermilk.  Altogether the scent is overwhelmingly delicious, tantalizing and decadent.   

Then of course my brain went into first gear and pondered on the best way to portray the scent in a soap.  The possibilities are endless and this caused a jubilating thought frenzy until tah-dah, THE IDEA...  With this "Apricot and Buttermilk" fragrance, I wanted a rich and creamy soap with a hint of colour.  I took loads of pictures and I couldn't choose one, so i chose 3, here they are:

I selected this picture as it best shows the graduation of the peach colour in the soap (light at the bottom and peachy at the top)
This picture gives a better perspective of the soap.  The deliciously creamy topping, with a couple of little soap balls (unfortunately the glitter does not show) 
The Body Bar's "Apricot Delish" Soap
 Gosh, this soap is too good for words, I can't wait to test it as this is now my new favourite.  What do you think?

ox Sarah xo

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Good Morning,
I bought this new fragrance a couple of weeks back.  I bought it purely on the scent this time, not on the name as this one is called "Wicked".  Usually fragrances have a specific name that indicates what is inside there.  Sometimes it refers to thins directly like "Rose" or "Orange" and sometimes to something of our everyday life such as "Marshmallow" or "Turkish Delight", which gives us a good indication on the smell.  But "Wicked???" not really.  So, I had to work purely on scent and feel.  With the fragrance bottle in my hand right now, I'll do my best to describe its scent.  It has a sweet and dynamic "Bergamot" top note at first.  Then, this develops into a fresher middle note that resembles "Neroli", citrussy and sweet yet rounded and "Jasmine" like.  Finally, the base note is deep and rich "Vanilla" with a hint of musky and spicy "Sandalwood".  I could be so way off here but anyway.  Overall the scent is balanced, well rounded and hypnotic.  It also lingers for long (which I absolutely love).  The overall scent also screams "Clean" and "Feminine" 
Since the scent is quite complex, I wanted to create a simple soap to complement and balance it.  I've also made so many techniqued soap and I really enjoy the variety.  Some plain soap, some swirled soap, some beautiful toppings and so on...  The variety is so appealing and creates texture which visually is far more effective.  Sometimes more is too much.   So the soap is plain white.  I also added some glitter in the soap to give it a little sparkle that portrays the scent and expresses this pure, neat and simple look I was after.  Here is my "Wicked" Soap:

The Body Bar's "Wicked" soap.
It is really wicked as it got me pondering on how to best portray its scent for 3 weeks to end up with simplicity.  I really tend to overthink.  
Unfortunately the glitter never really shows on screen but it is the kind that shimmers shades of yellow and orange under a certain light and shades of greens and blues under a different light.  The particle size of the glitter is also very small so it reflects light but the glitter itself is almost invisible (Like Make up).
The soap itself is made with Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil and Cocoa butter which delivers a sensational bar of soap.  Rich, creamy and fluffy lather.  It is also a hard bar of soap, which means that it lasts very long.  The Cocoa butter nourishes and moisturises the skin and keeps it pampered, specially in winter.
I am chuffed with this delicious soap and I have learnt a serious lesson.  Don't overdo...
ox Sarah xo

Monday, 9 May 2011

Shaving Soap

Hi Everyone,
Today is a very exciting post.  I had the privilege to share some soap making fun with Nadia, Mandie's sister.  She spent the week end here and yesterday, we decided to attempt in making Shaving Mousse.  I had made shaving soap before but not mousse.  Using the cream soap making method, I tweaked the formula in an attempt to create a different texture suitable for shaving mousse.  It was Nadia's first experience with soap making and it was so exciting to share this with her.  Having shared so much with her sister, it was very symbolic for both of us.  She also chose the fragrances we would use to scent our lovely mousse (Chamomile, Rooibos and Orange).  
Here is the result of our fun afternoon:

Light and fluffy shaving mousse, scented with soft and feminine chamomile, sweet and comforting Rooibos all enhanced with a hint of punchy, fruity and citrussy orange.  The blend is comforting , soothing and calming.  
I must say, it looks gorgeous, light and fluffy.  It feels finger licking good !!!  The texture has stayed light and fluffy since yesterday but there still is a 2 weeks curing time before the texture is definitive (Hope it stays the same or better)
Thank you for visiting The Body Bar today
See you soon for some more exciting stuff
ox Sarah xo

Thursday, 5 May 2011


Good Afternoon Everyone!

Since last year, I’ve wanted to experiment with liquid soap.  Having done soap bars for 2 years then, I did acknowledge that liquid soap has its place in the home.  In terms of application, liquid soap is easier in some cases such as, dishwashing liquid.  However, one of the primary reason I do not like liquid soap is that it lends itself to waste.  It is so easy to use more than you need when using liquid soap.  We are used to the detergents that foam like all hell broke loose, and with natural soap, this lather has to be worked up.  So initially it may feel like natural soap lathers less but it does not.  For that same reason, natural soap’s lather lasts longer than detergents, of course this depends the oils used in the making of the soap in the first place.  To cut a long story short, I also quickly understood that with liquid soap, it is not possible to obtain a nourishing and moisturising soap, so I stuck to soap bars for my body and made our liquid dishwasher, laundry soap and general house cleaner.  See, with soap bars it is possible to superfat the soap with oils or discount the lye and this is what allows the bars to be nourishing, moisturising and mild on the skin.  In any case, the loose oils are well blended within the soap and get left behind on the skin during the shower. Of course they do not leave a greasy residue but simply replenishes the skin with some moisture.  With liquid soap, it is not possible to have a superfat or discount as the oils won’t be mixed in the soap (they will separate and float).  Effectively, this means that liquid soap will always strip the skin and dry it out.  
Anyway, a couple of days ago, I fell on a seriously exciting blog that explained the process of making cream soap.  In that soap, a superfat/discount is possible and many consistencies can be obtained using that method.  With winter rushing in,  am in serious need of a “easy to make” shampoo formula as shampoo bars take 2 months to cure and I never get the timing right.  Inevitably I end up buying detergent shampoo to wash my hair and I don’t like it.  SO I jumped on this occasion to make my very first cream shampoo.  I added some shea butter and wheat germ oil for my hair.  I also put in a little rhassoul clay (purifies and cleans) and some lactic acid.  Lactic acid assists the removal of dandruff, adds shine to the hair and hydrates the scalp.  Finally I added some peppermint and tea tree essential oils as well as some vanilla fragrance.  The essential oils will cool down the scalp and help clear dandruff.  The formula has a 6% lye discount as well.  The soap is amazing and the consistency is perfect.  It is at a pH of 14 right now but that should drop within the next week-10 days.  With shampoos, it is important to respect a certain pH (4,5-7) due to our hairs inability to regulate its own pH.  Here is my super creamy shampoo:

Then, I figured, now that I have the shampoo, I might as well make myself a repair conditioner.  This also contains lactic acid as well as hydrolised wheat protein.  This will help repair split ends, enhance the structure of the hair, soften the texture and add shine.  The conditioner is a rinse off one that also helps the hair remain untangled.  Here it is:

Last but not least, here is the Strawberry and Cream soap I cut from yesterday:

Thank you for visiting The Body Bar today
Hope you’re having a glorious day
ox Sarah xo

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Classic Puddings Revisited...

Good Afternoon Everyone,
I figured I would share these new batches with you a little earlier than planned since it is lunch time and pudding is always welcome.  The first soap is a new take on juicy, sweet and red strawberries with fresh cream and a hint of Chocolate and a sprinkle of icing sugar (glitter).  Scented with Strawberry, Hazelnut and Rhubarb, this soap is decadent, rich and let's not forget, moisturising.  Here it is:

Freshly made and obviously still in the mold, this is The Body Bar's Strawberry and Cream delicious soap
Next on our list of "I would like some more of that, please" is our Lemon Meringue Soap.  Freshly made and scented with Lemon, Caramel and Vanilla, this soap is luscious and enticing.  With a fresh and citrussy Lemon tone enhanced by the sweet and rich caramel with a hint of flavorsome vanilla, this soap is light and enchanting.  Made primarily with olive oil, it will also moisturise and nourish your skin.  Here it is:
Our lovely Lemon Meringue
   Bon Appetit !!!

ox Sarah xo

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

4 More Batches for The Body Bar House and Garden Show range

Good Morning Everyone,
I made 4 new batches for the H&G range and here are the first cut slices of soap.  First I must say that I have them sitting on my desk at the moment and all I want to do is eat them...  They smell so delicious and enticing, I am in serious trouble with my diet :(

This soap is The Body Bar's "Bohemian Dance" soap.  Fragranced with Neroli, a touch of orange and a Vanilla undertone, this soap sends loving messages to the nose.  Made primarily of Olive oil, it will moisturise your skin and add some serious glamour to your beauty regime.
The next soap carries a bit of a story.  A couple of weeks ago, my mom sent me a serious challenge.  She asked me to create a new swirling technique so we can try something out of the box.  So I did and I went way out the box.  This is the result:
This is The Body Bar's "Off the edge" soap.  Scented with Orange, caramel and vanilla, this soap reminds me of my favourite orange chocolate.  A burst of freshness with a sweet undertone to round off the edges.  Also made primarily of olive oil, this soap will moisturise your skin this winter.
This is the top of our Amber and Sandalwood log.  I wanted it to look like the bark of a tree encrusted with resin.  I also sprinkled some gold glitter on top.
This is the inside of the Amber and Sandalwood bar of soap.  The scent is a delicious blend of rich fragrant amber, enhanced by the musky touch of sweet and spicy sandalwood.  It smell gorgeous.  This soap is also designed to nourish and moisturise your skin.
Finally, this is The Body Bar's "Original Sin" blend of apple and vanilla soap bar.  The fresh and enticing scent of juicy red apple married to the sweet, exotic and spicy vanilla delivers a sweet yet aromatic blend to die for.  This soap will nourish and moisturise your skin leaving behind a subtle and sensual fruity scent on your skin.  
That's it for today.  Thank you for visiting The Body Bar
See you soon
ox Sarah xo

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Tips for beautiful, natural and effortless beauty this winter

Good Morning Everyone, 
Here is a list of tips that will assist you in maintaining a healthy and vibrant skin this winter.
Whilst winter is blowing its first kisses at us, it does not mean that your skin has to be showing it.  Instead, it is time to access your needs and adopt the adequate structures to ensure that your skin remains at its best.  Here is a list of tips to adopt this winter and “Goodbye winter skin blues”.

1. The common mistakes we make is to use the same products throughout the year.  We say “No,no,no”.  Every season has to be handled independently as our skin responds to the weather.  Both winter and summer are aggressive to the skin in their own way and it is vital for the health of your skin to adopt different appropriate regimes for each of them.  Winter is a season in itself and should be embraced as such.  Your skin needs a whole lot more love in winter and it all lies in your choice of products for the season.  Choose wisely before spending your hard earned money on the wrong product.  Your winter products should give you more than ever of this much needed moisture to prevent your skin from flaking.  It is time to put away your summer products and rethink your strategy.  We are creatures of habits and tend to stick to what we know but trust me on this one and you won’t be biting your flakey lips.

2. The first product you should rethink, is your soap.  Synthetic soaps are designed to be cheap.  They do the trick and clean your skin but are certainly not ideal.  What we are told is soap is in fact detergent and it simply strips your skin without replacing the moisture it is removing.  This results in dry, flaky and damaged skin.  Instead, you should choose a gentle and moisturizing soap that will not strip your skin and dry it out. Your best option here is to get your hands on natural soap that will pamper your skin and keep it moisturized.  That way, you ensure that the moisture content in your skin is higher.  This will keep your skin hydrated, healthy and comfortable.
This is a Bath Lily 
A natural soap can last a very long time if used correctly.  Here is how to get a long lasting natural soap.  First you have to get yourself a Bath Lily as this will assist you in working up the soap lather using as little soap as possible.  It will also help you spread that lather all over your body and as a bonus, it gives a gentle exfoliation as well.

Application:  Once in your shower or bath, place the soap under the water for 1 second just to get it wet, then do the same with the bath lily.  Once, both of them are wet, rub some soap onto the bath lily and place the soap in a soap dish that will allow the water to drain from it and keep it as dry as possible.  Make sure to stand the soap on its smallest surface area away from running water.  Now, massage the bath lily to work up the lather and wash your body.  Once finished, rinse the bath lily as well.  You will notice that Natural soap rinses faster than synthetic detergents as it does not cling onto surfaces.  Rinse the soap off your body and tah-dah, clean, moisturized skin!!!

You can find Natural Gourmet Soaps specially designed to moisturise your skin:

South Africa
The Body Bar
(Prices: R15-R25 per bar)

A selection of Natural Gourmet Soaps from The Body Bar 
In’Fusion Vintage Soaps
(Prices: Rs100-Rs200 per Bar)

One of the delicious soaps available at In'Fusion Vintage Soaps
3. Another really good winter tip is to alternate your shower temperatures.  Hot water relaxes our body and opens your pores for easy cleansing.  This delivers a thorough cleanse of the pores as when they  are open, the dirt comes out of them easier.  On the other hand, cold water wakes you up, increases muscle tone and closes your pores.  Once the dirt has been washed away, it is important to close the pores again as this will prevent dirt from entering them.  Also, closing your pores in the shower traps into them the moisture that is around, making sure your skin remain hydrated.  This makes contrast 
showers a great way to clean and hydrate your skin.  This method also improves the blood circulation and boosts your immune system.  Warning: Do not do this if you suffer from hypertension, epilepsy or any other cardiovascular disorders.  Also avoid this method after eating.

4. Now, we all love to make sure our face is glowing, what about the body our head is screwed on?  You need to exfoliate, exfoliate and exfoliate some more.  This is the most important step of your weekly beauty regime.  As we go about out day to day life, our skin is continuously regenerating itself and shedding off dead skin cells.  These dead skin cells are trouble.  You might not always see them but believe me, they are here.  First, they make your skin look dull since they are dead skin cells remember (no life in them) ?  Then, they block your pores and can cause skin irregularities in the texture and colour of your skin.  Over and above that, they prevent your moisturizer from doing its job effectively by reducing their penetration into the skin.  Also, they can block your pores and create unnecessary pimples and infections.  Conclusion, they have to go and soap alone is not enough.  Your best option here is to use a scrub.  Exfoliating with a scrub will remove these dead skin cells and allow the new soft and vibrant skin layer underneath to breathe.  That layer is full of moisture, healthy and vibrant.  Also, exfoliation stimulates blood circulation and guess what, you will feel the cold a whole lot less!!!
Now, do not over do the exfoliation, this will irritate your skin.  Once you start exfoliating, you will feel a noticeable different in how your skin feels and you will love it.  Most people then exfoliate as often as possible to feel good but don’t.  Do what is necessary and suit your skin’s needs rather.  If you have dry skin, it is best to exfoliate once a week.  For normal skin, once or twice is fine.  No more!!!  If you have oily skin you can look at exfoliating up to three times a week if the scrub is gentle enough.  It is vital that you follow this rule of thumb to keep your skin happy.  Everything in moderation applies here. 
Application: There is a best way to use a scrub and it is important to follow the rule of thumb so here is the method: First wash your skin using a natural soap to remove the excess of dirt and some of the dead skin cells.  This is done purely so that the scrub exfoliates deeper.  Then, place some of the scrub into the palm of your hand and massage your skin gently in circular motions.  Repeat it until your whole body is scrubbed and then rinse and wash the scrub off.  Your skin will feel soft and smooth and you will see a noticeable difference in the overall colour and texture of your skin.

You can find Natural Gourmet Scrubs specially designed to exfoliate deeply and moisturise your skin:

South Africa
The Body Bar
(Price: R50 for 250 grams)

Selection of Delicious Body Scrubs from The Body Bar

In’Fusion Vintage Soaps
(Price: Rs350 for 275 grams)

In'Fusion Vintage Soaps' delicious Vanilla Body Scrub 
5. Drink loads of water.  Remember that your skin reflects what goes inside your body as well.  A poor diet and dehydration show up on your skin.  The best way to know how much water you should drink is obtained through a simple calculation.  I met an expert last year, who explained to me that not everyone has to drink the same amount of water a day.  Instead, she explained to me that my body weight will determine my water intake.  Here is the simple calculation.  Divide your weight by 10 and add 2.  Example: I weigh 51kgs so 51/10=5.1.  I now add 2 (5.1+2=7.1) which I round off to 7.  I should drink 7 glasses of water a day.  Of course the glass refers to 250ml, so I should drink at least 1750ml a day.  She also proceeded in explaining that it is best to drink out of glass than plastic and that the water should be at room temperature rather than cold.  Also if you know about Masaru Emoto’s research on water crystal’s response to words, you might want to try it for yourself.  I have not yet done it but I see no harm in it and it takes a few seconds to write a positive word on sticky paper and stick it on the bottle.  Who knows???

6. Soak in salt water at least once a week.  Salt water is the perfect detox for the skin.  It first cleanses the skin and removed impurities from our pores.  Your skin will then absorb the minerals from the water which in turn replenishes its mineral content.  Now the sea is cold in winter, this is why bath salts are fantastic to have.  You can also use a soap made with Salt in it if you do not have a bath. 
Bath salts are designed not only to cleanse your skin but also for relaxation.  It will relax you by sedating your nervous system which in turn will relax your muscles as well.  Bath Salts also firm and tone your skin.  In addition, bath salts will soften the bath water and make it less aggressive to the skin.  The water we use is full of chemicals that have been used to clean and purify that water.  These chemicals can be harsh on the skin and this is why bath salts are important as they soften it.  Last but not least, salt water also assists the healing of the skin should you have any wounds.
Application:  Sprinkle the salts in your hot bath and soak soak soak.  The salt will melt and spread throughout the bath and do its job, there is nothing else you need to do, just relax!!!
The Salt Bars of soap are used just like your normal soap.

You can find Natural Gourmet Bath Salts and Salt Bars specially designed to detoxify and replenish the mineral content in your skin:

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7. The very next step is what will make or break your new winter routine.  You have to moisturise.  The best time to do that is after showering/bathing as the cream captures and traps that moisture from the air in your skin.  Remember that using your cream on clean skin is the key to success.  If you use cream on skin that has been out and about, you run the risk of trapping dirt and all sorts into your pores and this is why the cream you will choose is vital.  It has to be richer than your summer lotions so you can do one application right after your shower/bath and that application should last until your next shower/bath.  Overnight it is beneficial to use a butter instead of a cream as it hold in moisture more effectively. 
Butters can be inconvenient in the day as they remain greasy on the skin.  They also give the skin a shine that is unwanted during the day.  This can also cause your clothes to stick to you and you are likely to feel uncomfortable and greasy.  At night, the humidity is considerably less than during the day, which in turn will reduce that greasy feeling.  The greasy feeling is attributed to the moisture that is attracted to the butter.  Lotion, creams and butter formulas are all designed not only to hydrate, nourish and moisturise but also to attract moisture and keep it near the skin.  Butters attract more moisture than lotions and creams and during the day, there is more humidity and moisture to attract.  This is why butters are best at night or in very dry climates.
Shea butter products are good for the overnight butter pamper.  In the morning, your skin will be smoother and softer with this option.  Conclusion: use cream in the day and butter overnight. 
You also need to know that lotions, creams and butters are not only designed to hydrate and moisturise but also to protect your skin.  They prevent moisture loss by locking in the moisture into your pores but also prevent dirt and other particles from entering your pores.  So no excuses this winter, you have to moisturise.
Remember that your moisturiser will be absorbed into your skin and this is why using a natural moisturiser is important.  You do not want your skin to absorb synthetic ingredients that end up damaging it in the long term.  Also you have to apply synthetic moisturisers more often as they moisturise for a shorter period of time than natural ones (cheap ingredients remember???), which means that you end up moisturising skin that is dirty since it has been exposed to dirt.

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I hope this list of tips has been useful to you.  Please comment on the post to give me feedback on this article.  I want to publish articles more often and I would like to know if you want to read these tips and articles in the future.  Thank you xx

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