Thursday, 23 June 2011

Finally set up and ready to Rock @ The House and Garden Show

Good Morning Everyone,
First I would like to apologise for the lack of posts last week.  I've been so busy preparing for the show and getting everything ready for the set up of my stall.  It has been such an exciting and creative journey conceiving and manifesting "The Body Bar's" first show ever.

So let me give you a little walk through my stall:

On the left is the "Buffet" and in the front is the "Menu"

So how does it all work??

The Menu

First we have the "Menu"- this part of my stall represents The Body Bar's set range of products.  Each concept is in a separate part of the display unit and somehow embellished to highlight the concept.

Each unit represents the story of a set.

Then we have:

The Buffet

This section is made up of 7 sections (steps to create your own custom made natural gourmet product)

I have prepared unfragranced Delicious Body Scrubs, Decadent Body Creams and Nourishing Bath Salts that you can fragrance and decorate yourself using a range our natural goodies such as Myrrh, Chamomile Flowers, Marigold Petals etc...
This section gives you the opportunity to create your product using a different set of fragrances such as Creme Brulee, Pina Colada, Amber and Sandalwood etc...  These do not form part of The Body Bar's set range but are sooooooooooooooooo good that it would be sad to miss out on them.  

This is the "Buffet" section
These are the lovely additives you can choose from - there are 10 different ones
These are the "Buffet" Fragrances
Then we have the:

Soap Bar

Each log of soap is handmade and delicious.  You can choose which log you want a bar from, we then cut and weigh it for you...  

Our stand is designed to create a Body Delicatessen, where you interact with our products.  We want you to learn the "Behind the scenes" of our range.  Of course, you will not see the actual product being made as this is already done and logistically requires a lot more but you still get to design your own final product.  

Thank you for visiting The Body Bar today
I hope to see you at the show as there are amazing things to see.  I walked around yesterday whilst we were all setting up and everyone is so unique and has something made with love to offer.  

ox Sarah xo

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Cupcakes, Anyone???

Hi Everyone,
I have to share this new addition with you.  
Who does not love a cupcake???  I mean, they are cute, precious and are used as artistic media.  I love them deeply and I've always wanted to make some.  You have to know that I am no cook.  I burn, over salt and the only thing you can expect when I cook is chaos, so I am not going to bake cupcakes.  Soap cupcakes?  Such a novel idea but a bit impractical, I find.  They are shaped to be short lasting and savoured and soap lasts long and melts slowly.  What was once a delightful cupcake is now a distorted soap, NOT!!!!  So I decided to create a bath DUO in the shape of a cupcake.  
We all know that fizzy bath butter bombs are fun and pamper the skin by detoxing, cleansing and moisturising it. So why not a cupcake detox???  Sounds good to me... So I created the base of my cupcakes using my fizzy bath butter bombs formula and yes, the cupcake fizzes, Yum!!!  Then the icing (the most important part of the cupcake if you want my opinion.)  The cupcake is built to carry the icing around, one can't just eat the icing. 
So the icing is the perfect bath melt.  A bath melt is a product designed to add extra moisture in a bath.  It does so by mixing with the water and creating a gentle milk that in turn, moisturises the skin and leaves it feeling soft, smooth and silky.  The 2 products together are the ultimate winter pamper for the skin as they will detox the skin and replenish its natural moisture.  
Of course I had to add some glitter to it as well as some sugar flowers and beads to make them irresistible.  
Scented with our rich, creamy, sweet and exotic Vanilla, these cupcakes are decadently deliciously fabulous.  Here they are:

These will be launched at the House and Garden Show next week.  I am planning to do some more cupcakes for the show to add some variety to the range.  I am not yet sure what I will make, maybe chocolate praline, red berry nougat, strawberry, will see...  What is your favourite cupcake??  Please let me know so I can create some mouth watering favourites...

ox Sarah xo

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Citrus Fun!!!

Good Morning Everyone,
Alongside the "Original Sin" Soap batch, I made another batch of gourmet soap with a new fragrance.  I receive catalogues, full of sensational fragrances but no samples, so I have to choose from the description I am given and this one was special.  This is the catalogue's description:

     "This fragrance opens with a refreshing burst of sweet mandarin and exotic yuzu, intermingled with touches of unripened grapefruit, lemon and orange peel. All this is enhanced by a light floral blend of lily, rose, orange flower and gardenia, while in the background, notes of woody amber, sandal and blackberry leaf emerge."  

Anyway, so all my senses say "Yes" and gosh, it is divine...  It is very fresh and fruity with a citrus punch that translate into a fun and vibrant scent.  That said, I wanted to represent it as such, so off to the drawing board and here are the results: 

This is a close up of the top of the log.  We can even see the orange and white glitter this time...
Another close up of the log with a bit more perspective
Tah-Dah!!! This is one of the slices.  It is cute, fun and vibrant!!!

This soap feels fun and smells absolutely divine.  It reminds me of the picture of a city as the sun sets and the lights go on in the buildings.  So dramatic and enticing.  
With added olive oil, it is also super moisturising and conditioning for the skin.  Perfect for a fresh start in the morning..

ox Sarah xo

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Love Apple!!!

Hi Everyone,
I posted about my apple soap last month and true as nuts, it has grown legs and is running out soooooooooooo fast...  I figured I better do another one fast and furious.............  It is a very beautiful swirl technique that I absolutely love as it represents the soap so well.  I call this soap "Original Sin" as it is scented with our fresh and fruity red apple fragrance, which is enriched using our exotic, sweet and creamy Vanilla, YUM!!!!
Here it is:

Up close and personal with The Body Bar's Original Sin Soap
Some perspective on our Original Sin  gorgeous logs

 Absolutely hypnotic and vibrant.  It lathers like crazy and is also deeply moisturising for the skin. What more can one ask for from a soap???

Have a wonder full day
ox Sarah xo

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Black Forest Cake Wave

Good Morning,
What is it about Black Forest Cake??  My previous log is almost finished...  So, I made another one.  This time I wanted to incorporate the layer of "Cherries" by adding some red in the middle.  It is actually sooooooo yummy!
I decorated the top with some curls and balls for a lovely decadent look.  The soap is scented with our Rich and Creamy Sticky Caramel, harmonised with our gorgeous exotic vanilla and a drop of dark and sensual Chocolate... Decadent!!!

I am starting to feel sooooooooooo excited about the House and Garden Show and all the preparation is keeping me awake and inspired...  So much to think about and so much creativity flowing here, it is literally mind blowing..

Thank you for your visit today
See you soon
ox Sarah xo

Friday, 3 June 2011

Vanilla "I-Scream"

Good Morning Everyone,
I made a gorgeous batch of soap on Wednesday using some of the Vanilla Fragrance I have left from Mauritius.  This specific Vanilla is the best I have come across so far.  So rich, so creamy and sophisticated.  I must say, Vanilla is my favourite oil as it is so versatile.  Used on its own, it is amazing for those who love it.  Sweet, rich and fragrant, Vanilla has a sensual appeal very few scents can match.  I also love to use Vanilla to round off and enrich other blends.  In those, the Vanilla cannot individually be picked up on its own but it adds body to the overall blend and enhances each and every other scent within the blend.
Anyway, Vanilla deserves to be put on a "pied d'estale" for the immense value it has added to our fragrances and foodstuff!!!  So "Vanilla I-Scream" is born...
A sensual slice of intense, rich and hypnotic Vanilla graded with Cocoa Powder to embody the dispersal of its perfect essence.

Made with Olive Oil, Coconut oil and more nourishing ingredients, this soap is moisturising and nourishing for the skin, promising a sensual experience, leaving you with soft and bouncy skin. Yum!!! Here it is:

Oh!!! I am still shutter happy!!!

 I have some more exciting news... Yesterday, I received an email, telling me that there was an article about The Body Bar in "All4Women."  This is an online magazine with lots of amazing articles, current trends and everything that  women love...  I was over the moon!!!  I would like to thank Louise Scrazzolo for this article.  It is such amazing feedback for me, knowing that The Body Bar stands out from the crowd.  Knowing that others love the products goes straight to my heart as I am passionate about what I do and spend 100% of my time awake conceptualising and creating The Body Bar...  There are times of doubt, where I wonder if I am doing the right thing.  I wonder if others are fascinated by natural, handmade products as much as I am.  Being a creative person, I am constantly inspired and very often, I am creating what I love and I wonder if others will love what I love.. What if I am a tasteless person???  So, seeing this article yesterday is like pushing a "delete" button on these doubts and questions.  Some will love it, some won't and the bottom line is that I do what I do with love, passion and dedication, creating what I see as beautiful, inspired and most of all naturally PURPOSEFUL...
So... Thank you Louise for sharing The Body Bar with others...

ox Sarah xo

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Nougat Soap

Good Morning Everyone,
As I said, last week, some seriously cool batches for the H&G Show were sold and here I am, busy building up some more stock, just in case.  I'd rather have too much than not enough...  One of the logs that were sold was my previous The Body Bar Nougat Soap.  I had some balls left and I wanted to do it again, but of course reinvent it.  I wanted to keep the colours and the scent but just change the look a little.  It is a layered soap and this time I only incorporated the balls in one of the layers.  In fact that layer is silver but you can barely see that on the screen.  The other 2 layers are white.  I also added a little glitter sprinkle on top.  The soap is scented with "Dewberry," a fresh and dynamic berrylicious smell with a sweet undertone.  It is a very moisturising and conditioning soap with abundant fluffy and creamy lather, Yum!!

Again, I am starting to love taking pictures and playing with my camera.  I used to focus on taking straight pictures that show the soap but now I am experimenting with angles, perspective, displays, light and Picassa!!!  Anyway, here are the pictures:

The Body Bar Nougat Soap, scented with "Dewberry."  Can you see that the balls are placed in a  silver layer?

This is the top of this creamy soap with some silver sprinkles to highlight the detail... 
The H&G Show is starting this month and I can't wait to exhibit there, so exciting!!!
Thank you for visiting The Body Bar Today
Come back tomorrow for more gorgeous soapies
ox Sarah xo