Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Pop Art

There are some timeless colour combinations that are so harmonious and well balanced.  Black and White is one of them.  I just love the sophisticated look... 
I wanted to make a unisex soap last week.  Most of my range is designed for women but I like to have a couple of soaps that are unisex.  It is surprising how many men secretly care about their skin.  They deserve beautiful soap to.  This one is scented with "Mandarine & Yuzu."  Two wonderful citrus scents to lighten up, freshen up and add some punch to the morning routine.  Perfect to translate into this glorious Spring.  

As a soap maker, there is one thing that I absolutely love.  It is cutting each and every bar the day after I made the soap.  As you can see, each bar of soap ends up looking different even though they come from the same soap log.  There is something magical about seeing each and every bar revealed as a piece of art.  The beauty in these soaps is that as you use them, they keep on changing and revealing new patterns.  How awesome is that?

ox Sarah xo

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