Tuesday, 19 July 2011

More Deliciousness!!!

Good Morning,
Gosh, it's been soooooooooo long.  Keeping up with the blog is becoming a luxury and I miss it soooooo much. So much is happening so fast, I don't even have time to take pictures and spill my heart out.  
In any case, I am not giving up and here is my latest batch of delicious fizzy cupcakes.  
I designed a new formula using Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter in the cream.  Deeply moisturising and nourishing for the skin, these cupcakes will cleanse, detox and feed the skin to keep it soft, smooth and healthy.  Scented with our precious Apricot and Buttermilk with a hint of tangy Cranberry, these are decadently yummy.  I also enhanced the packaging to facilitate their travel ability.  Little polka dot space ships for the gourmet cupcakes and they are ready to fly !!!

I have to say, these little bombs are phenomenal.  I use them in my bath and I use them as foot soaks and they work wonders.  The base of the cupcake is cleansing and detoxing as well as packed full of antioxidants and a delicious scent that will enchant your senses whilst the topping is deeply moisturising and nourishing.  All in all, this preciously cute cupcake delivers an intensely delicious bath without all the excess calories...   
Moisturised, nourished and soft, my skin is embrassing this vicious winter with ease and comfort.  I cannot ask for more...

Thank you for visiting today
See you soon with more delicious goodies
ox Sarah xo 

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