Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Coco goes nuts!!!

I am soooooooo excited about this "Warm Coconut" soap.  I made it last week as I LOOOOOOOOVE the fragrance and my last batch was sold out before I could use one and enjoy this warm and enticing scent in my own shower...  
It is a limited edition fragrance I purchased last year and I know that it will run out one day with no hope of finding it again, so I cherish every drop and make the best I can with it...  It feels kind of like having silver cutlery and crystal glasses one will use only for fancy diner parties.  
In any case, this fragrance causes me to design my soap carefully (no mistakes allowed with such a unique, limited and precious liquid).  I love the layered look for this fragrance as it is such a blast of layered scents.  Warm and fruity at first, then sweet and spicy and finally fresh and clean.  Tropical and enticing, it covers it all and this is why everyone has loved it so far.  Those that don't like sweet fragrances have loved it and those that don't like fresh fragrances to.  Floral lovers as well have loved it...  Anyway, it is just AMAZING...  
I layered it using Rhassoul Clay and Cocoa Powder and of course sprinkled some sparklies on top (it is special, remember!!!)  
Here it is:

This is the soap in the mold, when I just made it (We can even see the glitter in the picture, Yay!!)
A close up of the freshly made soap
A freshly cut bar of soap
Two freshly cut bars of soap
Ok, this is the soap from the top down!!
And this ... is the soap from the bottom-up!!!
The bottom layer is made with Rhassoul Clay
The dark layer is made with Cocoa Powder
The white layer is plain and the top has both a little Rhassoul Clay and Cocoa Powder
 I just love the look and scent of this delish bar of precious soap.  I cannot wait for it to be ready and this time round, I will keep one for me, myself and I...
ox Sarah xo

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