Monday, 4 July 2011

What A Show..

Good Morning Everyone,
Today is "Thank you" Day.  No pretty pictures, and stories about products, just thank you!!!  
As you know, I've been at the House and Garden show for the past 10 days.  It was my very first show and I was soooooooooooo excited to be part of it.  Preparing months in advance and carefully planning "The Body Bar" Launch with blinkers the size of an elephant stuck on the sides my head.  
10 days later, my elephants are in the park and I can see...  Woooooooooooooow, what an experience.  I met such amazing artists there.  I was going to say people, but they are not just people in my eyes now, they're friends.  
The Glasshoppers with a phenomenal passion for glass were my fabulous neighbours at the show.  Do yourself a favour and visit their website.  Jen and Wally are so creative and form the perfect team.  Full of life and humour, they made the 10 days unpredictable, fun and friendly.  Thank you Jen and Wally for this funtabulous week.
Sam from What's Cutting was our neighbour to.  With her incredible laser cut birds, words and trees, she does it all with grace.  It amazed me to meet all these crafters, all passionate about their art.  Sam is fun, dynamic and full of life.  Check her facebook page to see the treasures she makes.
Next to us was also Shireen from Mendhi 4 U.  The most amazing mendhi art I've seen before.  As a family, they support each other and are loads of fun and laughter.  Check their blog to see the beautiful detailed work they do with mendhi.  
Gosh, there were sooooooooo many more fantastic treasures at the show, I cannot describe them all.  All I know, is that I feel blessed to have met them all and shared this wonderful 10 days with them.  Each individual has something unique and special to share which made the experience diverse, exciting and homely. Each personality added humongous value and formed part of the richness there is to find in Durban.  So thank you all for enriching my experience of the show and I hope to see you all soon.  
As for The Body Bar, I am at a loss for words.  A glorious launch, an amazing response, endless compliments and a deep sense of gratitude and satisfaction.  I am filled with inspiration, creativity and passion.  
Thank you all again for this enriching and delightful experience.
ox Sarah xo 


Bling Online Shopper said...

Thanks for the mention, Sarah.
We are enjoying your beautiful bath and body range and loving every minute of it. Yesterday AMira had a bubble bath with your amazing cuppie cake.
Lots of luv.
Shireen - Mendhi 4 U

The Body Bar said...

So nice to hear that xx Thanks again for the glorious 10 days. Wish to see you soon. Lotsa love xx