Monday, 25 July 2011

Nougat Mosaic

There is something incredibly satisfying about soap making.  Some days, I experiment with complex techniques and other days, simplicity rocks my boat.  I love, when I look at my curing soaps, to see a variety of looks and feels.  If all of them are complex and colourful, it actually looks disgraceful.  I like to keep a balance between the look and feel of the overall range I have at any given time. Having made primarily complex soaps for the last couple of months, I craved simplicity.  Not only in look, but in the soap making itself.  In doing that, I created a complex blend of fragrances for the soap in order to match its story.  
It is no secret by now that Nougat is one of my favourite things on earth after chocolate, of course, which is why I created the Nougat Mosaic...  See, all my nougat bars before, looked like nougat but the smell didn't really.  My challenge here, was to blend a couple of fragrances I have to match the smell of delicious honey and nuts.  It had to be sweet and nutty with a fruity note, so I blended our decadent caramel with vanilla and hazelnut to create the sweet and nutty aspect of the smell and I added some orange essential oil to the sweet and tangy apricot and buttermilk for the fruity note.  It is simply divine !!!

This is a Nougat Bar I made for a customer last week.  It is scented with Orange essential oil.  
 I love the way they are festive and fun whilst remaining simple and harmonious...  

Have a sensational Monday
See you soon
ox Sarah xo

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