Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Mineral Spa Soaps!!!

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How awesome is it that I am blogging two days in a row??? Nice one!!!  Anyway, today is about Mineral Spa Soaps.  Being a soapmaker, I have made all sorts of soaps but mineral spa soaps remain one of my personal favourites.  I think that my fascination with them lies in the reality that they are more than just a soap.  Let me explain!  Mineral Spa Soaps are made with sea salts which are high in minerals.  
I lived on an island for 19 years and my skin always had benefits I didn't even know about until I moved further from the sea. Sea salt, being high in minerals, naturally nourishes the skin, leaving a sense of well being and comfort.  High in minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium and iodine, among others, salts offer therapeutic properties that are essential for the health of the skin.  Adding sea salts to soap is a way of transferring these properties onto the skin as the skin absorbs what it comes in contact with.  
Sea salt tones, cleanses and detoxes by drawing toxins out of the skin, leaving it feeling rejuvenated, healthy and clean.  This is why mineral spa soaps are more than just soaps, they deliver cleanliness but also nourish and detox the skin.  
I made 3 batches of these gorgeous soaps on Monday.  The first one is scented with our fruity and enticing "Cranberry" in which I added some glitter (which of course you cannot see in the pictures).  
The next one is scented with our fresh and dynamic "Lemongrass" essential oil.  I also added some green clay to this soap as it enhances the detoxing effect of the soap.  Clay, when wet, naturally draws toxins from the pores, leaving the skin soft, clean and detoxed.
Finally, the third soap is scented with our punchy and citrussy "Mandarine & Yuzu."  Also with red and yellow clay for an enhanced detox.  Here they are:

Top: Lemongrass & Green Clay
Bottom left: Cranberry & Glitter
Bottom right: Mandarine & Yuzu with Red & Yellow Clay 

Delicious fruity "Cranberry & Glitter Mineral Spa Soap"
Fresh and dynamic "Lemongrass & Green Clay Mineral Spa Soap"
A little rough and rustic, these soaps are super long lasting and deliver an exciting fluffy lather whilst obviously toning, cleansing and detoxing the skin.

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