Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Captivating Neroli!!!

Since spring is peeping through the clouds, I want to prepare for this special occasion...  Lightning up the scents and bringing in a burst of colour.  There is a scent that I LOOOOOOOOVE and it is Neroli.  So delicate, yet so captivating.  A lovely combination of citrus and floral, which layers so well.  
I am not a huge fan of florals or citrus but I have to recognise that Neroli falls in a box of its own.  I really battle with herbal types of smell and most floral lean on the herbal end of my nose chart, which generally leave me flat and unappreciative but not Neroli.  
In any case, I am in a layered mood at the moment and layering a Neroli soap felt like the thing to do and for some obscure reason, Neroli works with orange in my mind, so Orange it is:

The smell is just Wow.  I had a customer the other day that bought a slice of Neroli soap.  Two hours later, she came back and bought the rest of the Neroli Soaps I had available at the time.  She was so excited that the scent had stayed on her hand for this entire time, that she had to have them all.
I must say, I am now a fan of Neroli and I haven't had the opportunity to shower with one of the Neroli soaps I have made, they just walk off the table.

I just love the Orange of this soap as it encapsulates the scent of Neroli exactly as I see it.

See you soon for more lovely soaps
(I made a soap last week, using a new technique for the first time.  One I will definitely do again)
So make sure to check by tomorrow
ox Sarah xo

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