Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Alluring Symphony

Tah-Dah!!!  I am so excited to share this soap with you.  One, that I did last week and fell in love with the moment I even thought about it.  Using a whole new technique, I imagined this soap and designed it and all went out the window when I actually did it because of my last minute ability to second guess myself.  All for the better, I must say.  Things happen for a reason and this time, I chose to go with the flow.  I am overjoyed with the results.  This is definitely one technique I will explore further and immerse myself in its endless possibilities.  It was one of the soaps I had the most fun making.  So beautiful!!! Every time I walked past it, I had to look again and again.  Oh! and smell again and again..
Scented with The Body Bar's magical and memorable "Dates and Exotic Woods."  It is just the perfect scent.  A little of everything I love.  
"This fragrance opens with an alluring blend of exotic date, luscious black grape and sweet tangerine enveloped by the stunning grace of dark, Nubian woods. All this is intensified by a mouthwatering blend of vanilla pod and radiant musk."  
This is how the fragrance catalogue describes it.  Isn't that just so romantic?
It truly is a magical fragrance and I wanted to interpret it with perfection. 
A burst of colour here and there and here it is:

I am out of words for this one, just in LOOOOOOOOOVE...

ox Sarah xo

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