Friday, 19 August 2011

Inside Story!!!

Good Morning,
I want to share with you some new Cupcakes I made this week...  I've been wanting to add some more colour and shape to these body delicacies...  I am not a chef on the best of days so this whole piping bag, nozzles and decorations thing is new to me (You should have seen me the first time trying to get the first cupcake topping in place, hilarious!!!)  
In any case, I now balance the bag, pressure and movement to a T and of course, when that happens, it is time to deepen and experiment.  With the star nozzle, it is easy to manage as it will always look good-ish but I wanted the round nozzle, which leaves little room for error.  It is smooth and shows all the bits and pieces.  So , I bought a round nozzle (took me ages to choose, I wasn't too sure which size was adequate for the cupcakes.)  I also bought cute little flowers and shimmering balls to match the concepts I had in mind.
Of course, then the nozzle has to match the story of the cupcake, a star nozzle works wonders with florals (in my mind, that is) and the round nozzle matches sweet, decadent fragrances...  I just can't conceive in my head a delicate Neroli fragrance using the round nozzle...  To cut a long story short, I decided to do Neroli Cupcakes with a star nozzle, glitter, cute little orange flowers and a couple of shimmering balls and Apricot Biscotti Cupcakes with a round nozzle, glitter and shimmering balls.  The round nozzle turned out soooooooooooo gorgeous, I kept some without the balls.  Here they are:

 I really wonder if everyone meets the same dilemmas in the design process.  
I just love to look at a well conceived and executed idea.  It makes so much more sense when all the elements match.

These Cupcakes are a little jump into the coming spring (I can't wait for the warmth to come back.)  Lovely scents and looks to lighten up the mood and delicious shea butter and cocoa butter to pamper the skin (which will soon show itself-summer is a couple of months away.)  

Have a wonderful week end
ox Sarah xo

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