Monday, 8 August 2011


Something special for the "Lemongrass" Lovers.  I always try to keep a lemongrass range in my soap collections because it truly is one of the favourites.  The moment I add it to my table at markets, it goes.
I must say, even I, who love very sweet blends, love lemongrass.

Useless to say (but I will anyway), I had to redesign this soap.  I just got some new colours and I've always wanted to add some green to the lemongrass soaps as it fits perfectly with the look, smell and obviously honors the colour of this beautiful and delicate plant.

Lemongrass in itself, has a layered combination of scents that blend into each other to deliver a fresh, citrussy and wholesome blend.  Therefore, I wanted this soap layered and patterned to mirror the smell of the essential oil.  Using the green colour, cocoa powder, Rhassoul Clay and titanium dioxide, the colours are soooooooo smooth and clean.  Here it is: 

 With lots of Olive Oil, this soap is moisturising and nourishing for the skin.  Also with Coconut and Palm Oil, it delivers abundant lather and cleans deeply. The scent is enhanced in hot water and will disperse in your bathroom to keep it smelling fresh and clean.  It is also the perfect unisex soap...

This has to be one of my favourites.  This is the start of my spring collection and just the thought of warmth coming back is getting my creative juices flowing...  My latest batches are a tad more colourful, playful and festive.  So, make sure to come back tomorrow for more gorgeous gourmet soaps.
ox Sarah xo


claudia mold said...

Wonderful soap! The colours are so beautiful! Claudia

Lyn said...

Just discovered your facebook page and wanted to say how beautiful this soap is......Love it much :0)