Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Bath Butter Bombs

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Todays post aims  its focus on the magnificent bath butter bombs.
Primarily designed for the winter months rushing in, these bombs are the perfect treat for the skin.  As bath bombs they fizz in the hot water tub and disperse their goodness into the water.  Packed full of essential minerals and vitamins, the bath butter bombs will soften the water and revitalise and tone your skin.  With added Shea butter, the bombs will soften and smoothen your skin whilst moisturising and protecting it.  There is no need to moisturise your skin after soaking as the Shea butter will do the trick.  

Shea butter is known for its amazing properties.  It is a butter that is easily absorbed by the skin and also creates that much needed protective layer.  It has natural sun protection properties and assists in the healing of small wound whilst reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks.  Packed full of Vitamin E, it will assist your skin against wrinkle appearance by making the skin soft and flexible.  It is truly gods gift to Africa.  This amazing butter is extracted from the nuts of the Shea tree which grows only in Africa.  it is also used in hair products formulas for its conditioning properties, specially for dry and brittle hair.

Bath butter bombs are a must for relaxation.  Pop it in the bath and soak, soak, soak.  The scents will wrap you and the one exciting thing you can expect is that you're whole bathroom will be smell wonder full.  I made some this morning and my entire house is filled with this sweet rooibos and mandarine fragrance.  Here they are:

Rooibos and Mandarine Bath butter bombs.
Made with rooibos tea in them as well, these bombs are revitalising and nourishing for the skin.  

These butter bombs are the ones that will be made on The Body Bar workshop on bath salts and butter bombs.  We will look at their purpose, how they are made and the benefits you can expect from them.  We will also make some for everyone participating, which of course, you get to keep.  You will then receive the bath butter bombs and bath salts manual.  It is a 2 hours workshop at R300.  The first workshop is on the morning of the 7th of April and the second workshop is on the afternoon/evening of the 14th of April.  Hope to see you there as I will be facilitating the workshop.  Both will be held in Westville.

If you want to participate on the workshops, here are my contact details
Landline: +27 31 702 1759
Cellphone: +27 76 545 7970
Email: infusion@iburst.co.za

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