Monday, 28 March 2011

Bath Salts

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Today's post will focus on bath salts.  Bath salts are used to mimic the properties of natural mineral baths or hot springs.  These therapies have multiple benefits for the body and are widely sought after for their natural calming properties.  Here are some of the benefits you can expect from bath salts, They:
1.  stimulate the immune system.
2.  increase blood circulation.
3.  help eliminate toxins and waste from the body.
4.  sedate the nervous system and relax muscles.
5.  help purify and tone the skin.
6.  promote the healing of wounds and reduce scar appearance.

Depending on their formula, different properties can be added to bath salts. Bath salts can also be used for foot soaks, which help detox and cleanse the feet.  They can also be used as exfoliants by gently massaging the skin in circular motion.  

 Bath salts
On The Body Bar workshop on bath salts and bath bombs, we will look at how the bath salts work and the importance of each ingredient used within the Bath salts formula.  This specific workshop is designed to give you a clear understanding on both the products made on the workshop.  Everyone participating will make their own salts and receive The Body Bar manual on the topic of the day for reference.  
You also get to keep the products you make.  It is a 2 hour workshop and costs R300.  The first workshop is on the morning of the 7th of April and the second workshop is on the afternoon/evening of the 14th of April.  Hope to see you there as I will be facilitating the workshop.  Both will be held in Westville.

If you want to participate on the workshops, here are my contact details
Landline: +27 31 702 1759
Cellphone: +27 76 545 7970

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