Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Body Bar Scrub sale !!!

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The Body Bar also sells delicious, handmade body scrubs.  Here are some of the winter range scrubs in stock at the moment: 

These three decadent scrubs form part of our winter "Fruit Burst" range.  Exotic and bubbly, these scrubs will assist the exfoliation of your skin.
Left:  325g of strawberry scented scrub with white poppy seeds for a deeper exfoliation.
Middle:  325g of apple crumble scented scrub.  With a touch of cinnamon and vanilla, this fragrant scrub will send you straight to skin heaven!!!
Right:  325g of Punchy mango and orange scrub.  With added red clay for a deep, cleansing exfoliation.
R 50
These three sensational scrubs form part of our winter "Glorious winter skin" range.
Left:  325g of sensual jasmine scented scrub.  With added olive oil to moisturise and condition your skin.
Middle:  325g of sweet vanilla.  With added poppy seeds for a deeper exfoliation, this scrub with  smoothen and stimulate your skin.
Right:  325g of Pina Colada fragranced scrub.  With real coconut for a luxurious, sensual scrub.
R 50 
These two punchy scrubs are part of our "Winter Dynamite" range.
Left: 325g of fresh ocean mist.  Packed full of antioxidants to keep your skin's texture and colour even and healthy.
Right:  325g of fresh ginger and lime, this revitalising scrub will kick you into shape in no time!!!
R 50
There are many more fragrances available and The Body Bar also custom makes their products to suit you.

For more information on The Body Bar natural scrubs, here are my contact details
Landline: +27 31 702 1759
Cellphone: +27 76 545 7970

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