Friday, 25 March 2011

Natural Deodorants

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Today is all about deodorants... 
Here at The Body Bar, I believe that natural deodorants are so worth the time of the day as long as they work.  Having made a 100 tests on different formulas, I have come to fine tune this process.  
First of all, deodorants are essential for hygienic purposes.
Commercially there are many types of deodorants and they all work in different ways.  I will not be discussing the good and the bad of these here today, all I know is that the ingredients used within these deodorants are not necessarily there to benefit our bodies.  Some of them are detrimental to our health  (even though they mask body odour) and the rest are cheap fillers, which I have no time for.

The Body Bar Natural deodorants are made with the very best ingredients, that will care for the sensitive skin on which they are used and will also obviously destroy the bacteria that thrive in our armpit environment and cause body odour.  All this is done safely with no health risk, skin damage or environmental damage.  
These deodorants are effective for over 24 hours in hot and humid conditions.
I made a deodorant this morning for the blog:
1. All ingredients within the formula
weighed and ready to be melted
2. Ingredients melting in a double boiler
3. Ingredients completely melted and mixed
4. Additives are added
5.  Mixture poured in molds until solid

I really like deodorant blocks.  This format ensures easy application and stay on for longer.  This specific formula does not block your pores, which allows you to sweat.  
Sweating is a normal function that serves to cool the body.  It also helps eliminate toxins from the body which when accumulated can lead to various problems.  
Sweat itself is odourless but once exposed is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria due to various factors (more details on the workshops).  The bacteria is the cause of the odor and this is why we use deodorants.

More about The Body Bar deodorants on the 3rd workshop of the series.  
Deodorants and body creams form part of the same workshops.  It is a 3 hours workshop at R400.  It is broken down into 2 sessions, the first being about body creams and the second about deodorants. The two products will be discussed, explained and made during this workshop. All participants will get to keep their products and will also receive the workshop 3 manual for reference.  The first workshop is on the morning of the 6th of April and the second workshop is on the afternoon/evening of the 13th of April.  Hope to see you there as I will be facilitating the workshop.
Both will be held in Westville.

A sneak peek at The Body Bar natural deodorants !!!
If you want to participate on the workshops, here are my contact details
Landline: +27 31 702 1759
Cellphone: +27 76 545 7970

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