Thursday, 24 March 2011

Exfoliators Workshop

Good Afternoon Everyone,
Today my post will focus on Exfoliators (Scrubs).  
I am sure all of you know the significance of using exfoliators.  They are the absolute must if you want your skin to be the healthiest it can be.  I started using scrubs a long time ago and after using so many different types of them, I can say for sure that the best I have used are natural.  
Fine Sugar used as exfoliant
Commercial scrubs have so little abrasive material that a small difference can be noticed.  I never really experienced a proper scrub before using a natural scrub.  I knew exfoliation was very important but I never really felt a significant difference after scrubbing with commercial products. On the other hand, the first sugar based scrub I used made me understand thoroughly how important this process is.  It cleared my skin completely whilst moisturising it.  Its fundamental purpose is to free your skin of dead skin cells that lay at the surface of the skin.  The cells make the skin look dull and dry whilst possibly getting trapped within your pores, thus creating irregular skin surface.  A scrub will remove these dead skin cells, allowing the new vibrant skin to come through and breathe.  This process promotes the renewal of new skin cells, therefore keeping your skin young, healthy and vibrant.  
With 3 years of natural scrub use, my skin is stronger, more flexible and is always glowing.  Of course the use of a moisturiser is vital, however moisturising skin that is not clear does not deliver the same outcome.  
Left: Vanilla exfoliator with black poppy seeds,
Middle: Strawverry exfoliator with white poppy seeds
Right: Mango and orange exfoliator with red clay
With 3 years of research on exfoliators, I have designed The Body Bar Exfoliators Workshop.  As with the CP soap workshop, this one is also broken down into 2 sessions, the first one dealing with detailed information about product and the second one with the practical side of the process. It is a 2 hours session that costs R300. Everything is provided on site (raw-material and equipment).  Everyone participating will create their own exfoliator and of course will get to keep it.  You will also receive the Exfoliators manual for reference.  The first workshop is on the morning of the 5th of April and the second workshop is on the afternoon/evening of the 12th of April.  Hope to see you there as I will be facilitating the workshop.  Both will be held in Westville.

If you want to participate on the workshops, here are my contact details
Landline: +27 31 702 1759
Cellphone: +27 76 545 7970

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See you soon for more information on the workshops
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