Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Body Bar soap sale !!!

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Yes, The Body Bar also makes natural products for sale...  Here is the range of delicious, handmade and natural soaps that are on sale now at The Body Bar:

"Cross the T" 160g of fragrant Rooibos and Sweet Orange.  With Rooibos tea
leaves as exfoliants and delicious cocoa butter, this bar of soap will keep
your skin smooth and moisturised.
R 25
"Romantic Fields" 100g of sensual Chamomile and Neroli.  With beautiful
Calendula petals, this soft floral soap is gentle and conditions the skin.
R 15
"Coco bomb" 185g of pure tropical warmth with this coconut soap.  With
added cocoa butter, this soap moisturises the skin and will scent your
bathroom with its coconut splash.
R 25
"Garden symphony" 110g of fresh and tangy lemongrass, orange and mandarine.
Perfect for a dull morning shower, this soap will pull you out of your sleep and revitalise your senses.
R 15
"Melting moments"  115g of pure decadence.  Vanilla and caramel scented
soap that will satisfy sweet cravings.  With added cocoa butter, this soap is
moisturising and delivers a rich and creamy lather.
R 15
"Breakfast Punch" 130g of fruity burst.  Strawberry and Lemon scented
soap designed to wake you up and rocket you into a marvelous new day.
With added oats as exfoliants, this soap will push you over the edge.
R 20
"Berry Burst" 110g of sweet berry kisses.  With pink clay to cleanse the skin,
this soap will kick off the dirt and leave your skin berry smooth.
R 15
"Let's talk about love" 125g of sensuality.  Vanilla scented soap made with
beer.  There is nothing sweeter than that.  Imagine the fresh smell of condensed
milk fudge, it's better than that.  This soap will wrap your senses and pamper
your skin with its rich, thick and creamy lather.
R 20
"I sea"  260g of holiday memories.  Made with sea salt,
this bar of soap is designed to cleanse, feed and heal the skin.  Packed full of minerals,
this soap is ready to unleash its goodness in your life.
R 35
"Mirror mirror"  125g of soft and gentle face soap.  Scented with vanilla and
peppermint, this face soap is highly refreshing.  With Shea butter, sweet almond oil,
macadamia oil and goat's milk, this soap will nourish, pamper and smoothen your skin.
Your face will feel revitalised and glow glow glow!!!
R 30
"Back to Basics"  120g of fresh and tangy shaving soap.  Scented with
Mandarine and Neroli, this shaving soap is delivers thick, long lasting, creamy lather
for a natural shave.  With added clay, this soap will cleanse your pores and keep
it soft and smooth.
R 25 
"Mr X" 135g of masculine perfection.  Fragranced with green tea, vetiver and frankincense,
this soap is the ultimate buddy.  With added cocoa butter and poppy seeds, this bar of soap
will last forever and punch the dirt down the drain.
R 20

The Body Bar also makes tailor-made soap on order 
For more information on The Body Bar natural soaps, here are my contact details
Landline: +27 31 702 1759
Cellphone: +27 76 545 7970

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