Saturday, 11 June 2011

Love Apple!!!

Hi Everyone,
I posted about my apple soap last month and true as nuts, it has grown legs and is running out soooooooooooo fast...  I figured I better do another one fast and furious.............  It is a very beautiful swirl technique that I absolutely love as it represents the soap so well.  I call this soap "Original Sin" as it is scented with our fresh and fruity red apple fragrance, which is enriched using our exotic, sweet and creamy Vanilla, YUM!!!!
Here it is:

Up close and personal with The Body Bar's Original Sin Soap
Some perspective on our Original Sin  gorgeous logs

 Absolutely hypnotic and vibrant.  It lathers like crazy and is also deeply moisturising for the skin. What more can one ask for from a soap???

Have a wonder full day
ox Sarah xo

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claudia mold said...

WOW!!! Great colours, I like this swirl-technique. Claudia