Thursday, 2 June 2011

Nougat Soap

Good Morning Everyone,
As I said, last week, some seriously cool batches for the H&G Show were sold and here I am, busy building up some more stock, just in case.  I'd rather have too much than not enough...  One of the logs that were sold was my previous The Body Bar Nougat Soap.  I had some balls left and I wanted to do it again, but of course reinvent it.  I wanted to keep the colours and the scent but just change the look a little.  It is a layered soap and this time I only incorporated the balls in one of the layers.  In fact that layer is silver but you can barely see that on the screen.  The other 2 layers are white.  I also added a little glitter sprinkle on top.  The soap is scented with "Dewberry," a fresh and dynamic berrylicious smell with a sweet undertone.  It is a very moisturising and conditioning soap with abundant fluffy and creamy lather, Yum!!

Again, I am starting to love taking pictures and playing with my camera.  I used to focus on taking straight pictures that show the soap but now I am experimenting with angles, perspective, displays, light and Picassa!!!  Anyway, here are the pictures:

The Body Bar Nougat Soap, scented with "Dewberry."  Can you see that the balls are placed in a  silver layer?

This is the top of this creamy soap with some silver sprinkles to highlight the detail... 
The H&G Show is starting this month and I can't wait to exhibit there, so exciting!!!
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