Thursday, 23 June 2011

Finally set up and ready to Rock @ The House and Garden Show

Good Morning Everyone,
First I would like to apologise for the lack of posts last week.  I've been so busy preparing for the show and getting everything ready for the set up of my stall.  It has been such an exciting and creative journey conceiving and manifesting "The Body Bar's" first show ever.

So let me give you a little walk through my stall:

On the left is the "Buffet" and in the front is the "Menu"

So how does it all work??

The Menu

First we have the "Menu"- this part of my stall represents The Body Bar's set range of products.  Each concept is in a separate part of the display unit and somehow embellished to highlight the concept.

Each unit represents the story of a set.

Then we have:

The Buffet

This section is made up of 7 sections (steps to create your own custom made natural gourmet product)

I have prepared unfragranced Delicious Body Scrubs, Decadent Body Creams and Nourishing Bath Salts that you can fragrance and decorate yourself using a range our natural goodies such as Myrrh, Chamomile Flowers, Marigold Petals etc...
This section gives you the opportunity to create your product using a different set of fragrances such as Creme Brulee, Pina Colada, Amber and Sandalwood etc...  These do not form part of The Body Bar's set range but are sooooooooooooooooo good that it would be sad to miss out on them.  

This is the "Buffet" section
These are the lovely additives you can choose from - there are 10 different ones
These are the "Buffet" Fragrances
Then we have the:

Soap Bar

Each log of soap is handmade and delicious.  You can choose which log you want a bar from, we then cut and weigh it for you...  

Our stand is designed to create a Body Delicatessen, where you interact with our products.  We want you to learn the "Behind the scenes" of our range.  Of course, you will not see the actual product being made as this is already done and logistically requires a lot more but you still get to design your own final product.  

Thank you for visiting The Body Bar today
I hope to see you at the show as there are amazing things to see.  I walked around yesterday whilst we were all setting up and everyone is so unique and has something made with love to offer.  

ox Sarah xo

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