Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Date and Exotic Wood

Hi Everyone,
Last week, some of my gorgeous soap logs for the House and Garden Show were sold.  In fact some of my best batches to.  So, in the kitchen I am, making some more...  As I love to reinvent each batch, I also had to reinvent this one.  There is something about doing the same thing twice that I really resist.  Knowing the infinite possibilities of each and every individual log, it is my duty to explore and recreate each one.  The scents remain constant but the look must vary.  At least, I think so!!!  Anyway, I redid my Date and Exotic Woods Soap, which previously had some real figs and dates in it.  This time though, I didn't add any fruits to it, just cocoa powder, black oxide and titanium dioxide for the 3 colours swirl.  Of course the scent is as enchanting as the last one.  Rich, woody, musky and spicy with a hint of sweet vanilla, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!

I got a little shutter happy with this soap and I am super satisfied with the results.  Here they are:

This is the soap in the mold after pouring yesterday
This is the cut bar of soap this morning
Still the first cut bar this morning
This is a close up on the pattern, I just love the woody look, very rustic and natural
Another close up from further away.  I just LOVE it...
This is the same soap before reinventing it, who can tell me that reinventing is not the very best thing to do???
Anyway, I am so happy about this new look and the soap is gorgeous.  My entire house smells divine and I can't stop sticking my nose onto this deliciously enchanting piece of art.

Have a wonderful day
ox Sarah xo 

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