Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Cupcakes, Anyone???

Hi Everyone,
I have to share this new addition with you.  
Who does not love a cupcake???  I mean, they are cute, precious and are used as artistic media.  I love them deeply and I've always wanted to make some.  You have to know that I am no cook.  I burn, over salt and the only thing you can expect when I cook is chaos, so I am not going to bake cupcakes.  Soap cupcakes?  Such a novel idea but a bit impractical, I find.  They are shaped to be short lasting and savoured and soap lasts long and melts slowly.  What was once a delightful cupcake is now a distorted soap, NOT!!!!  So I decided to create a bath DUO in the shape of a cupcake.  
We all know that fizzy bath butter bombs are fun and pamper the skin by detoxing, cleansing and moisturising it. So why not a cupcake detox???  Sounds good to me... So I created the base of my cupcakes using my fizzy bath butter bombs formula and yes, the cupcake fizzes, Yum!!!  Then the icing (the most important part of the cupcake if you want my opinion.)  The cupcake is built to carry the icing around, one can't just eat the icing. 
So the icing is the perfect bath melt.  A bath melt is a product designed to add extra moisture in a bath.  It does so by mixing with the water and creating a gentle milk that in turn, moisturises the skin and leaves it feeling soft, smooth and silky.  The 2 products together are the ultimate winter pamper for the skin as they will detox the skin and replenish its natural moisture.  
Of course I had to add some glitter to it as well as some sugar flowers and beads to make them irresistible.  
Scented with our rich, creamy, sweet and exotic Vanilla, these cupcakes are decadently deliciously fabulous.  Here they are:

These will be launched at the House and Garden Show next week.  I am planning to do some more cupcakes for the show to add some variety to the range.  I am not yet sure what I will make, maybe chocolate praline, red berry nougat, strawberry, will see...  What is your favourite cupcake??  Please let me know so I can create some mouth watering favourites...

ox Sarah xo


saskiap said...


I love vanilla cupcakes with lavender icing, and little lavender flowers as decoration :)

The Body Bar said...

Mmmmm, that sounds delicious, got to try. That's a good one xx