Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bath Bombs and Bath Salts making

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Last night was The body Bar's Bath Bombs and Bath Salts workshop.  The first session was all about information.  I explained the ins and outs of bath products, their content and their purpose.  I believe that it is not a coincidence that people tend to gravitate around the ocean.  Most people plan their holidays around the ocean and the beach seriously have an appeal that draws people to it.  Recreating the salt water in our baths has been used for many therapies as the minerals in the water are essential for the overall health of our skin.  Bath products may seem unnecessary to the rushed and a must for the body conscious.  Essentially bath products are designed to relax the muscles, sedate the nervous system, reduce muscle pain, detox and purify the skin and replenish our bodies with much needed minerals and nutrients.  
The first products we made were bath butter bombs.  These fantastic bombs are designed to fizz in the bath and release their goodness in the water in which you soak, soak and soak. We added some Shea and Cocoa butters to the bombs for their nourishing and moisturising properties.
Here are the pictures from last night's bath butter bombs making:

Our lovely ladies weighing the ingredients for the bath butter bombs
Weighing the butters for the bombs
After mixing all the ingredients together, we need to pack the mixture into shape.  It looks a lot easier than it actually is.
Still packing the mixture into moulds
Time to remove some of them from the mould
Packing and unpacking the bombs

The final butter bombs scented with a sweet and spicy ambiance fragrance.
Then, we made the bath salts and here are the pictures:

Our lovely lady evenly mixing the dry ingredients together

Adding the additives
Adding the Cucumber and Aloe scent

Mixing all the ingredients into a uniform, even mixture
We separated the mixture and coloured them individually to layer the salts in the container.

Our ladies layering their bath salts into their containers
The final product scented with cucumber and aloe
Now remember, all these products are handmade with love for the very first time by our fantastic ladies and I think they are doing an amazing job.  It is so  exciting to share this with them and see the value they are getting from it.  Just through their sharing, I see that they are inspired and already creating their next formulas in their heads.  They can already see how they and their loved ones can benefit from the products.  We are having loads of fun and sharing loads of laughter which makes me know that they are loving it and enjoying these newly learnt skills.

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Come back tomorrow for our deodorant and cream making update
Have a wonder full day
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