Friday, 15 April 2011

Deodorants and Body Cream making

Good Morning everyone,
Last night was our last workshop night for this week and we made lovely natural deodorant blocks and Body Cream.  I first spent the first hour explaining each product to our lovely ladies.  I also explained to them the purpose of each ingredient used within the formulas and how each of them benefit their skin and enhance the products' textures and applications.  We then proceeded by making the 2 products.  The first products made were the deodorant blocks because they needed to cool down and harden in order for them to take their block home with them.  The deodorant block we made is specially designed to allow one to sweat as here at The Body Bar, we know that sweating is an important and natural process our bodies undergo.  The Body Bar deodorant block is designed to kill the bacteria that thrive under our armpits using natural active ingredients, to prevent the sweat from smelling.  Our deodorant does not mask the smell nor does it block the pores to prevent sweating.   
Here are the pictures of our lovely ladies making their first deo block:

Weighing all the ingredients for the deodorants block
The ingredients together before the melting process
After melting, the additives are added to the liquid mixture
Stirring the mixture until it is ready to be poured in the moulds
Adding the scent

Finally, the mixture is ready and is poured into the 2 moulds until the deo blocks are completely hard and solid.

The final deo blocks scented with Rooibos, mandarine and vanilla
Whilst the deo blocks were hardening, we proceeded by making the Body creams.  The formula I chose for this workshop is a winter cream.  Thicker than a lotion, it moisturises and nourishes the skin.  It is also easily absorbed by the skin leaving it smooth and velvety.
Here are the pictures of the body cream making process:

The emulsion is starting, the 2 phases are now being blended together
Every drop matters with our formula
Off the heat, the mixture is stirred until completion

Once the mixture has cooled down completely, it is ready to be placed in its final container

The final Body Cream scented with Rooibos, mandarine and vanilla
Well, this is the closure of The Body Bar's first workshop series.  It was a superb experience filled with fun, laughter and lots of information.  Here is what the lovely ladies have to say on their feedback forms:

Q:Have you gained anything on this workshop? If yes, what? If no, why?

Ann:  "An enormous amount! Beautiful products and easy to follow instructions on how to make them."
Joanne: "Yes, so much knowledge and the confidence to make my own products."

Q:Did you find it informative and easy to assimilate?

Ann: "Very informative and the manual is a great help."
Joanne: "Absolutely!"

Q:Do you feel confident to practice the art of making natural cosmetics 
unsupervised? Why?

Ann: "Yes, the manual is very explicit and easy to follow and Sarah is just a phone call away!"
Joanne: "Yes, thanks to Sarah's clear instructions and passion."

Q: Anything more you would like to say?

Ann: "Sarah's passion and knowledge of her products are truly inspirational.  We had so much fun! I can't wait to put all I have learnt into practice.  Sarah's attention to detail is phenomenal."
Joanne: "No, just thank you!"

Q: Have I inspired you? Has the process inspired you?

Ann: "Yes, absolutely. Thank you very very much.  Thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge."
Joanne: "Yes! yes, yes."

Thank you so much ladies for starting this creative journey with me.  It was fun, exciting and the most important of all for me is the experience you and I have gained from this workshop.  
Having made each product from start to finish , these ladies are now equipped with the knowledge and experience required to recreate all the products by themselves. 

Thank you for visiting The Body Bar today
Have a fantastic Friday
ox Sarah xo 

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