Thursday, 21 April 2011

This week's Workshop Series...

Good Morning everyone!

Time flies!!!  I am so missing writing the blog everyday but life gets busy and a week is gone before I know it.  I have so much to say, I do not know where to start.  

First things first.  Congratulations to Amina from Cape Town.  She is our lucky Easter egg hunt winner.  She will be receiving her Easter basket full of Caramel and Vanilla scented decadent Easter products shortly.  I hope she loves her fantastic products!!! 
Remember to look out for our Mother’s Day promotion coming soon so you don’t miss out on The Body Bar’s May specials.

Right; this week I hosted another Workshop series and our young lady was fantastic.  As last week, we made Soaps, Body Scrubs, Bath Bombs and Bath Salts, Deodorants and Body Creams.  Now, you need to know that the manual contains the basic formulas of each product but the conception in terms of scent, colour and general appearance is the choice of our young lady.  I like to give my participants the freedom to choose the overall look of their products because it is their participation into the final outcome.  It also initiates a new perspective and opens endless possibilities for them.  Here are the pictures of our young lady's wonderful process:

This is our Young Lady stirring the soap mixture 

Introducing the stick blender for a shorter process
Our indication that the soap is ready to be scented and poured in the mold
Pouring with confidence never fails
The soap is now moulded for 24 hours.
The final soap bars scented with Warm Coconut.  She added some poppy seeds for the bar to deliver a gentle exfoliation.
This is our Chocolate and Vanilla Scented Body Scrub.
This is our Sweet Berry scented Bath Butter Bomb.  It also contains some glitter (which you can't see on the screen) and Chamomile Flowers for decoration.
The final layered Cucumber and Aloe scented Bath Salts
Sweet Berry scented Deodorant Block
This is our Body Cream before packaging
The final Sweet Berry scented Body Cream
What a glorious week.  It was awesome to experience another wonderful lady’s creativity and inquisitiveness into the art of making natural cosmetics.  Thank you so much for your attention and willingness to explore the limitless possibilities of Natural cosmetics.  

Thrilled with her products and new acquired knowledge, our young lady is now equipped and excited to engage this journey on her own.

Useless to say that through this creative process, I also learn whilst I teach and as my mom said to me one day: "There is something new to learn everyday".  I believe her...  In fact there is more than something new to learn, there's loads to learn and that's what makes everyday unique, endlessly inspiring and humbling.

Thank you for visiting The Body Bar today
Have a Delightful day
ox Sarah xo

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