Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Body Scrub making workshop

Good Morning Everyone,
Last night was the very first body scrub making workshop I have done and it was amazing.  For 3 years now, I have been making and using my own natural body scrubs.  I can notice that it has enhanced the overall quality of my skin.  My skin is stronger, more flexible and less likely to split and dry.
It is always fascinating for me to see that most people do not use scrubs and do not know the importance of this product for the well being of their skin.  It is such an underrated product and should be at the top of everyone's list in my opinion.  I was one of those people, 3 years ago, that had no idea and no desire to use scrubs as part of my routine and i can honestly say that this product has changed not only the way I see my skin but the way I engage my cleaning routine.  Showering has become an exciting part of my life as opposed to a "I have to" exercise.  I now had to pass on my personal experience and the facts about scrubbing to my lovely ladies participating in the making of this fabulous product.  I think they are now definitely going to use this product weekly for the well being of their skin.

During the first session of this workshop, I explained what is a scrub, how it works and how important it is.  Then, done with the talking, all about action, I demonstrated how to use the product to my lovely ladies and we all scrubbed our hands for THE TEST!!!!  Well, well, well, this is when they got it!!!  Talking is all good but the experience tells the story.  I then saw the sparkles in their eyes.  They could now physically see all I'd told them about the product and that for me is magic.  Only then, could we proceed into making the product with hearts filled with jubilation.  
Here are the pictures from the Body Scrub Making Workshop:

Our lovely ladies weighing the dry ingredients within the formula
Weighing some more ingredients
Mixing the dry ingredients.  In this scrub we also added some dried goji beries and cranberries.  Those enhance the scrub and also give it a rustic, yummy look.
Mixing some more
Now weighing the liquid ingredients within the formula
Adding the warm coconut scent
Mixing it all together 
Placing the product into the container
Our lovely ladies with their trophy
The final product

After making our fantastic, delicious scrub, we proceeded to cut our 2 bars of soap made the previous night. The first batch we cut was the green tea and glitter soap they made on their cold process soap making workshop and the second batch was the one I demonstrated.  With a cucumber and aloe scent, green clay and linseeds.  Here are the pictures:

Removing the soap from the mold and its lining.
Green tea and glitter bar of soap
The soap has now been sliced by me to demonstrate how to mark and cut

Marking the soap for further cutting
Cutting the soap
Final soap bar
Now I am cutting the demo bar of cucumber and aloe soap
Final soap bar
I would like to thank these lovely ladies again for making this possible.  Without them, I would not be able to share this experience with you.  They are so inspired, so inspiring and are discovering a world, previously unknown to them.  It is humbling to see such wonderful ladies enjoying and learning the magic behind the glamour.  
Thank you so much for your willingness to have fun and create.

I will be posting tonight's workshop tomorrow so make sure to come back soon to enjoy some new creations.
Have an awesome day
ox Sarah xo

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