Wednesday, 27 April 2011

New Soap Batches for The House and Garden Show

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Here are the latest additions to my range for the "House and Garden Show".  I must tell you how exciting and expansive this journey is for me.  I've been challenging myself in the creation of each batch whether it be with the scent I am using and blending or with the techniques I am using.  Of course, as everything in life, practice makes perfect and let me tell you, I have come a long way and I've got a long way to go.  Creating soap is much like creating a painting except that soap has more senses to satisfy as it has to appeal visually, feel good when touched and smell glorious all at the same time.  Then, of course, it has to deliver in the shower.  The Body Bar carefully balances the vegetable used in the soap to deliver rich, creamy and abundant lather whilst making sure the soap moisturises and assists your skin in retaining that much needed moisture.  

Here are the pictures of the last 13 batches I have made for the show:

Here is the official "The Body Bar Berry Nougat bar".  Scented with our fruity dewberry fragrance, this soap is fresh and sensual.  It delivers a rich lather and gently moisturises your skin.
Scented with our Lavender fragrance, this soap is fresh and  glorious.  It will moisturise your skin and leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.  Perfect for a relaxing evening shower.
This is our sweet sensual Jasmine soap.  Scented of course with our sweet  Jasmine fragrance, this soap is very gentle and feminine.  It will wrap your senses and keep your skin conditioned.
Time for some tropical kisses! This is our warm coconut fragranced soap that will ensure you keep that glowing summer smile on your face.  Rich and creamy, this soap will moisturise and nourish your skin. 
This is The Body Bar's Chamomile dream soap before cutting 
This is our Chamomile dream soap designed to gently cleanse and condition the skin.  Made with milk, this soap's enchanting scent is lush, feminine and feels like gentle petal kisses. 
This is our Apple Crumble soap log in the mould.
This is The Body Bar's Apple Crumble soap scented with apple, Cinnamon and vanilla.  This decadent soap is rich and creamy.  Also made with milk, this soap is very moisturising and conditioning for the skin.  Perfect for romantic evenings as this is seriously yummy!!!
The Body Bar's Caramel Bar One soap log.
This is our Bar One fragranced soap made with milk as well.  This soap is seriously rich and decadent.  The sweet scent is enough to satisfy any sweet craving whilst its rich texture ensures that your skin remains soft and conditioned.
This is The Body Bar's new face soap.  Made with Sweet almond oil, shea butter, milk and Rhassoul Clay, this soap will gentle cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise your skin for that peachy look!!!
This is our Gourmet "Chocolate and Chilli" soap.  Its sweet and sharp fragrance is unique and comforting.  Coloured with Cocoa Powder, this soap is packed full of antioxidants, which will nurture your skin and assist you in keeping it healthy this winter.
Ginger and Lime Cheese cake!!! Now this is yummy...  This sensual and fresh soap is rich and creamy.  Its scent is dynamic and revitalising whilst its lather will ensure the well being of your skin by leaving it moisturised and conditioned.
My nose's favourite!!!  Now this is a serious soap, made with milk and honey, this soap is by far the most moisturising.  Scented with our sweet vanilla, this soap is comforting and enchanting.  It is one of my personal favourites and I always have space in my shower for it.  By now, I should actually have an entire room to put all the soaps I have in my shower already but this one makes it in every time.  I love that its so rich and the blend of milk and honey keep my skin soft and bouncy.
This is "The Body Bar's" Cinnamon and Orange soap dedicated to the memory of my beloved friend Mandie.  It was her absolute favourite soap.  Every time she came to my house, she had to hold this up to her nose and say: "This is too good for words" and this has stuck with me.  The last of my cinnamon and orange soap left yesterday and I had to make more to keep her flame burning here. 
Last but not least, here is The Body Bar's Neroli soap.  This beautiful floral scent kisses my nostrils and send me to heaven.  I think I should stop thinking that I am not a floral person.  Neroli has a sensual note of sweet orange and wraps my entire home with its enchanting fragrance.  I made this batch yesterday and I can still smell it lingering in my passage.  I have to say that this soap is very moisturising and conditioning for the skin as well as leaves it soft and peachy.

 Well, well, well, that is all for today.  I will be making many more soaps in the coming week and I will share them with you soon.  I hope to see you at the House and Garden Show so you can experience the absolute magic I am.  
Have a fantastic day
ox Sarah xo


claudia mold said...

Wow, fantastic soaps! Much work. Claudia

The Body Bar said...

Thank you Claudia. This has been such a creative journey so far and I am learning so much. I just love making soap.
I really love your soap work as well. Your blog is very inspirational.