Tuesday, 26 April 2011

May Special !!!

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Today's post is all about our May special.  As we all know, Mother's day is coming and The Body Bar values mothers.  
If if were not for my mother, first, I would not be here, then I would have never engaged the art of making natural cosmetics.  Because of her love of all things made with pleasure, beauty and dignity, my mother has passed onto me her passion for soap making and in doing that has allowed me to pursue this passion and express my creativity through this art.  She is such a passionate woman with magic at her fingertips that I have to honor and value the wonderful work she has done as a mother, friend and woman.

In that light, The Body Bar has decided to celebrates mother's day for the entire month of May.  We want to celebrate motherhood, daughter-hood and friendship through natural cosmetic making.  So much love and fun goes into the process and I think it is worth sharing this with someone you cherish.
The Body Bar encourages everyone to share the art of making natural cosmetics with someone as it is in sharing that I have gained the most insight and support.  To facilitate that, The Body Bar is offering the workshop series special.  Bring along someone you cherish with you for the workshop series at the reduced cost of R 975 per person.  Click here for more information on the workshop series and the scheduled dates and time for the month of May.

Before ending this post, I would like to invite you to visit In'Fusion Vintage Soaps (my mother's Facebook page on her soap making adventures).  

My mom and I 
It is with great sadness that we pursue our passions in separate countries but with skype it feels like we work together.

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Don't forget to pop by soon as I will be posting some of my new soap batches for the "House and Garden show"
Have a wonderful afternoon
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