Tuesday, 12 April 2011

The Body Bar First Cold Process Soap Workshop

Good Morning everyone,
I am so excited to share the pictures of our first soap making workshop that happened last night.  The first session involved a detailed informative hour on cold process soap and the method used to make it.  I added a little chemistry in the mix as I feel it is important for the participants to understand how the entire process happens to work.  I believe soap is magic in action.  We use soap everyday and never really understand how we manage to stay clean using it.  The way it works is so fascinating and interesting, I feel its worth knowing.  Someone, someday discovered that magic and I salute that inquisitive person for bringing to us what is still commonly used today to keep our life clean, healthy and hygienic.  

A lovely cup of coffee later, we started the second session which involves the making of the soap.  I first proceeded in demonstrating the process to the lovely ladies that were here.  This is very important as I want them to have witnessed one batch made from start to finish before their initiation to our fantastic arty world of natural cosmetic making.

Here are the pictures:
This is me removing the thermometers before starting the process and one of our lovely ladies ready to make her very first batch of cold process soap.
The process has now started, the lye solution and the oils are mixed
Here we've added some green tea leaves and glitter in the soap mixture
Some more stirring
Introducing the stick blender
Everyone gets a turn at feeling the mixture thicken  and emulsify
Checking for the trace
Finally ready, the mixture is poured in the mold
Our beautiful mixture is now ready to set and in its mold for 24 hours, then it will be cut into slices and I will post the pictures tomorrow for you to see.
I want to thank the participants for their eagerness to learn and engage.  I had the most amazing time demonstrating my passion and I truly felt that is was received beyond my expectations.  The process in itself is so fascinating and I am ecstatic that they enjoyed it, had fun and walked out with a big smile on their faces, all excited for todays workshop.  

Hope to see you next on our fantastic natural cosmetic journey
Thank you for visiting The Body Bar today
Till next time
ox Sarah xo

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