Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Community Project Gift Range

 Good Morning Everyone,
Here are some more pictures of the community project's corporate gift range.  The first two pictures show the Soap Sandwich put together by Antoinette.  I made the soaps for these and Antoinette designed the sandwiches using the soap.  The next two pictures show some "Soap on a Stick" Kebabs also put together by Antoinette.  The next two pictures are the "Cocktail Fizzy Bombs" in their shot glasses with a cocktail umbrella and a little fluffy ball.  The Green one is a Marguerita-lemon and Vanilla Bomb, the Orange one is a Pina Colada-Pineapple and Coconut bomb and the pink one is a Strawberry Daiquiri-Strawberry and Vanilla Bomb.  This range is for women and we decided to match it with some "Shooter Bombs" for men, which leads us to the next two pictures.  We have a Springbok Shooter Bomb scented with Peppermint and Vanilla, a Aftershock Shooter Bomb scented with Cinnamon and a Coffee Liquor Shooter Bomb, originally known as the Blow Job but for our range, we stick to Coffee Liquor scented with Coffee and Vanilla.  Finally, the last two pictures:  A scrumptious Apple Cake, Yum!!!
All these fantastic soaps are handmade and natural.  
Of course, I am not the one selling these precious goodies as it is an exclusive range for the project, so for any inquiries, Antoinette is the lady in charge.  Here are her details:

Cell: +27 72 879 2325
Landline: +27 31 262 7014
Fax: +27 86 514 1588
Email: naturesant@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting today
The Body Bar has some gorgeous new soaps for the House and Garden Show to present tomorrow, so make sure to come back tomorrow
Have a fantastic day
ox Sarah xo

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