Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Good Morning,
I bought this new fragrance a couple of weeks back.  I bought it purely on the scent this time, not on the name as this one is called "Wicked".  Usually fragrances have a specific name that indicates what is inside there.  Sometimes it refers to thins directly like "Rose" or "Orange" and sometimes to something of our everyday life such as "Marshmallow" or "Turkish Delight", which gives us a good indication on the smell.  But "Wicked???" not really.  So, I had to work purely on scent and feel.  With the fragrance bottle in my hand right now, I'll do my best to describe its scent.  It has a sweet and dynamic "Bergamot" top note at first.  Then, this develops into a fresher middle note that resembles "Neroli", citrussy and sweet yet rounded and "Jasmine" like.  Finally, the base note is deep and rich "Vanilla" with a hint of musky and spicy "Sandalwood".  I could be so way off here but anyway.  Overall the scent is balanced, well rounded and hypnotic.  It also lingers for long (which I absolutely love).  The overall scent also screams "Clean" and "Feminine" 
Since the scent is quite complex, I wanted to create a simple soap to complement and balance it.  I've also made so many techniqued soap and I really enjoy the variety.  Some plain soap, some swirled soap, some beautiful toppings and so on...  The variety is so appealing and creates texture which visually is far more effective.  Sometimes more is too much.   So the soap is plain white.  I also added some glitter in the soap to give it a little sparkle that portrays the scent and expresses this pure, neat and simple look I was after.  Here is my "Wicked" Soap:

The Body Bar's "Wicked" soap.
It is really wicked as it got me pondering on how to best portray its scent for 3 weeks to end up with simplicity.  I really tend to overthink.  
Unfortunately the glitter never really shows on screen but it is the kind that shimmers shades of yellow and orange under a certain light and shades of greens and blues under a different light.  The particle size of the glitter is also very small so it reflects light but the glitter itself is almost invisible (Like Make up).
The soap itself is made with Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil and Cocoa butter which delivers a sensational bar of soap.  Rich, creamy and fluffy lather.  It is also a hard bar of soap, which means that it lasts very long.  The Cocoa butter nourishes and moisturises the skin and keeps it pampered, specially in winter.
I am chuffed with this delicious soap and I have learnt a serious lesson.  Don't overdo...
ox Sarah xo

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