Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Fizzy Bath Bombs Range

Hi Everyone, 
Yesterday was one of these days where excitement met inspiration.  I was designing my range of bath bombs and I wanted to create some new looks to match all the body scrubs.  I love matching sets of products as the scent is reinforced and when I love one thing, I LOOOOOOVE it and I want more of it (this happens with Pisces in general, lol :)  I also discovered a new trick with these Fizzies.  Since Durban is very humid and Bath Bombs Fizz in humidity, it has been challenging to make them and keep them fresh until yesterday...  For some unknown reason, I decided to try doing them with some Coconut Oil, and "Wow" it foams 10 times more and it somehow doesn't absorb the humidity like other oils.  Result, I have Bath Bombs that are perfect (even after being outside for an entire day).  
In any case here are the glorious freshly made Fizzies:

 As you may have seen, I've been playing around with my camera as I seriously needed some skills to present decent pictures that best express the essence of each product.  My camera had hidden secrets it chose to hide from me for a while and with the help of my partner (a photography expert), I am learning the camera language!!!  Hopefully you can see that...

ox Sarah xo

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