Monday, 9 May 2011

Shaving Soap

Hi Everyone,
Today is a very exciting post.  I had the privilege to share some soap making fun with Nadia, Mandie's sister.  She spent the week end here and yesterday, we decided to attempt in making Shaving Mousse.  I had made shaving soap before but not mousse.  Using the cream soap making method, I tweaked the formula in an attempt to create a different texture suitable for shaving mousse.  It was Nadia's first experience with soap making and it was so exciting to share this with her.  Having shared so much with her sister, it was very symbolic for both of us.  She also chose the fragrances we would use to scent our lovely mousse (Chamomile, Rooibos and Orange).  
Here is the result of our fun afternoon:

Light and fluffy shaving mousse, scented with soft and feminine chamomile, sweet and comforting Rooibos all enhanced with a hint of punchy, fruity and citrussy orange.  The blend is comforting , soothing and calming.  
I must say, it looks gorgeous, light and fluffy.  It feels finger licking good !!!  The texture has stayed light and fluffy since yesterday but there still is a 2 weeks curing time before the texture is definitive (Hope it stays the same or better)
Thank you for visiting The Body Bar today
See you soon for some more exciting stuff
ox Sarah xo

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