Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Classic Puddings Revisited...

Good Afternoon Everyone,
I figured I would share these new batches with you a little earlier than planned since it is lunch time and pudding is always welcome.  The first soap is a new take on juicy, sweet and red strawberries with fresh cream and a hint of Chocolate and a sprinkle of icing sugar (glitter).  Scented with Strawberry, Hazelnut and Rhubarb, this soap is decadent, rich and let's not forget, moisturising.  Here it is:

Freshly made and obviously still in the mold, this is The Body Bar's Strawberry and Cream delicious soap
Next on our list of "I would like some more of that, please" is our Lemon Meringue Soap.  Freshly made and scented with Lemon, Caramel and Vanilla, this soap is luscious and enticing.  With a fresh and citrussy Lemon tone enhanced by the sweet and rich caramel with a hint of flavorsome vanilla, this soap is light and enchanting.  Made primarily with olive oil, it will also moisturise and nourish your skin.  Here it is:
Our lovely Lemon Meringue
   Bon Appetit !!!

ox Sarah xo

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