Thursday, 12 May 2011

Apricot Delicious

Good Afternoon,
I have to share this seriously glorious batch of soap with you.  A week ago, I ordered a fragrance from JHB.  One of those that the name appeals but I couldn't smell it before hand.  "Apricot and Buttermilk".  Actually, my mom is the one who selected it.  Anyway, it arrived on Monday and when my orders arrive, the first thing I do is stick my nose in the fragrance bottles to discover and enjoy the delightful fragrances.  Gosh, I couldn't find the words for this one.  The very best surprise so far.  It has the sweet, tangy, juicy and fruityness of a perfectly ripe apricot which is enhanced by the deep, rich and creamy buttermilk.  Altogether the scent is overwhelmingly delicious, tantalizing and decadent.   

Then of course my brain went into first gear and pondered on the best way to portray the scent in a soap.  The possibilities are endless and this caused a jubilating thought frenzy until tah-dah, THE IDEA...  With this "Apricot and Buttermilk" fragrance, I wanted a rich and creamy soap with a hint of colour.  I took loads of pictures and I couldn't choose one, so i chose 3, here they are:

I selected this picture as it best shows the graduation of the peach colour in the soap (light at the bottom and peachy at the top)
This picture gives a better perspective of the soap.  The deliciously creamy topping, with a couple of little soap balls (unfortunately the glitter does not show) 
The Body Bar's "Apricot Delish" Soap
 Gosh, this soap is too good for words, I can't wait to test it as this is now my new favourite.  What do you think?

ox Sarah xo

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claudia mold said...

Elegant soap! Which shop? Claudia