Saturday, 28 May 2011

Some Decadent Truffles

Good Morning,
As I said in my previous post, last week has been seriously full.  One of the projects that has risen from this fullness is a corporate gifting range.  One of my customers is engaging a very exciting and noble journey.  That is to start and oversee a "community project" in Durban.  Here in South Africa, community projects are used as a way to break the cycle of poverty in disadvantaged communities.  There are various ways in which community projects are established and each of them carry different concepts but all focus on the same goal: to enhance the quality of life in these areas by giving the previously disadvantaged people tools that will assist them in building a brighter future for themselves and most importantly their children.  The history of what has lead us here is complex and heartbreaking but the point is that there are people out there taking action and offering these previously disadvantaged people an opportunity to break the cycle and leave the next generation with direction, purpose and growth.  
The corporate gifting range will be incorporated in a community project.  This specific project is designed to create jobs for the previously disadvantaged people by teaching and training them to acquire various skills and soap making is one of them.  By training them, they first of all learn a new skill.  That skill then secures them a job.  An obviously a job opens doors and opportunities for them.  I will be the one who trains them in making Cold Process Soap.  Once they are trained, they will then make the corporate gifts range from start to finish.  
Before I can train them though, I've had to create samples.  These samples have to be approved to be part of the final range.  The one corporate gift concept is a "chocolate and orange" truffle soap.  Little hand rolled chocolate soap balls, dipped in gold coated sugar and placed in a dainty gold cup.  Here they are:

 They come in packs of 3 or 6.  Of course, I am not the one selling these precious goodies as it is an exclusive range for the project, so for any inquiries, Antoinette is the lady in charge.  Here are her details:

Cell: +27 72 879 2325
Landline: +27 31 262 7014
Fax: +27 86 514 1588

Thank you so much for visiting The Body Bar today
Make sure to come back tomorrow as I will be presenting the next corporate gift range.  A rich, creamy and decadent classic...

ox Sarah xo

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