Thursday, 19 May 2011


Good Afternoon Everyone,
Today was a particularly fruitful day.  I went to purchase some containers and as a woman, I obviously came home with far more than just my containers.  I leave with the focussed idea that I will go straight to the container section, pick them, pay and go.  Well, I failed because the container section is the furtherest to the entrance and each aisle is filled with the most attractive little goodies that I need to see, just in case there is something new (I went there 2 days ago, but you never know.)  Little did I know that I was about to stumble over the solution to my packaging crisis.  If you know me, I have changed my logo, labels and packaging look about 15 times in the last 3 years and each time I thought "This is it," now it actually is (I feel.)  My logo still inspires me (and it's been 4 months.)  My glass packaging is fulfilling my need for visual satisfaction and my environmental approach but my labels don't seem to want fit into it all.  I want a handmade look because it is handmade (Shiny Stickers feel commercial and don't work on my perfectly plump gorgeous containers.)  So I know they have to be tags, not labels.  Anyway to cut a long thought crisis short, I came across these gorgeous wooden little pegs today and it all made sense!!!  I'd seen them before but it never clicked-I can peg them on. 

So I came home and solved my long time problem and it works so well.

Now let me tell you how this is the best option.  First, the pegs fit my handmade theme and add a rustic feel to my containers.  Second, I save time packaging as sticking labels (which I did before) is time consuming.  Then, I couldn't change my formulas as the labels were already printed and stuck on the containers.  Now I can replace the label as and when I need to.  Also,  stuck labels are difficult to remove and tear which is a hassle to clean.  With this method, the container remains pristine.  Finally, the label can be kept as a business card without being damaged or thrown out...
How glorious is this???
Thinking out of the box and miraculously stumbling over a perfect solution is what I call a fulfilling and inspiring experience which rippled into a fantastically creative day.

Hope yours was as awesome as mine

ox Sarah xo 

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