Tuesday, 3 May 2011

4 More Batches for The Body Bar House and Garden Show range

Good Morning Everyone,
I made 4 new batches for the H&G range and here are the first cut slices of soap.  First I must say that I have them sitting on my desk at the moment and all I want to do is eat them...  They smell so delicious and enticing, I am in serious trouble with my diet :(

This soap is The Body Bar's "Bohemian Dance" soap.  Fragranced with Neroli, a touch of orange and a Vanilla undertone, this soap sends loving messages to the nose.  Made primarily of Olive oil, it will moisturise your skin and add some serious glamour to your beauty regime.
The next soap carries a bit of a story.  A couple of weeks ago, my mom sent me a serious challenge.  She asked me to create a new swirling technique so we can try something out of the box.  So I did and I went way out the box.  This is the result:
This is The Body Bar's "Off the edge" soap.  Scented with Orange, caramel and vanilla, this soap reminds me of my favourite orange chocolate.  A burst of freshness with a sweet undertone to round off the edges.  Also made primarily of olive oil, this soap will moisturise your skin this winter.
This is the top of our Amber and Sandalwood log.  I wanted it to look like the bark of a tree encrusted with resin.  I also sprinkled some gold glitter on top.
This is the inside of the Amber and Sandalwood bar of soap.  The scent is a delicious blend of rich fragrant amber, enhanced by the musky touch of sweet and spicy sandalwood.  It smell gorgeous.  This soap is also designed to nourish and moisturise your skin.
Finally, this is The Body Bar's "Original Sin" blend of apple and vanilla soap bar.  The fresh and enticing scent of juicy red apple married to the sweet, exotic and spicy vanilla delivers a sweet yet aromatic blend to die for.  This soap will nourish and moisturise your skin leaving behind a subtle and sensual fruity scent on your skin.  
That's it for today.  Thank you for visiting The Body Bar
See you soon
ox Sarah xo

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